What is Suruka Affiliate Partnership Program?

Suruka Affiliate Partnership Program (SAPP) is an online program. It’s free for website owners, bloggers and individuals to become Suruka Associates. They advertise products from on their websites, social media platforms, YouTube Channels, and share on their WhatsApp status along with their personalized unique link. When customers click on the link and purchase any products from Www.SuruKang.Com they automatically earn a 10% referral commission. At Suruka Natures Gift Enterprises, We also have a special team who are readily available to assist and render help to customers and affiliate partners or associates who can’t order products online via the website. Our team are readily available to make sure every transaction is successfully carried out and updated online. You can also choose to receive your referral commission instantly or at the end of every week or month.

For more information Call / Whatsapp  +234-901-293-7237

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