An After-Party Treat Of Our Own

That Friday night, our colleague’s birthday party was at fag end, and we all were trying to figure out our rides home. All us five had come straight from work to attend the party and now, due home and tired from the day, things appeared a tad murky for a time.
At long last, we all agreed that two of the four other ladies were to hop in with me the way they were headed because I headed their way. I dropped off the other lady at her stop, leaving Miracle alone with me in the car. She shifted a little as she sat in the front seat beside me. She seemed oblivious quite of her immediate environment, her countenance one mountain of thought. The sore silence stretched until it behoved me to scissor it short.
“So, how’s it going with Delaney these days?” I asked, care in my tone, referring to her boyfriend with whom I had met and chatted a few times. Miracle shook her head as if she was
trying to clear it.
“Oh, just great, Ronald… Things can just be funny rough sometimes, you know how these things are,” she returned.
I saw her meaning there. I myself had in a seven-year-long relationship and I knew how tricky it could get along the way.
“I have had experience, my dear, tell you that,” I said.
She looked at me as though she was about to spill something then had second thoughts, shook her head, and withheld her breath.
“I am here for you if you need someone to talk to, you know,” I said, hoping this would hearten her spirit a jot.
She seemed to have hesitated a few more moments then began, “It’s just… You’re a guy, Ronald. Can you tell what it suggests when a man stops being sexually interested in you?”
I was a little shook by this casual yet knotty question. “It could mean a couple things, Miracle. But it looks to me like you need to have a deep conversation with him to get to the root of the matter.”
“I guess so…” She agreed.
“In my conscience truly, I cannot find how a man should lose sexual interest in a nymphet as fine as you are. It knocks my brains out.”
This hewed out a beautiful, heart-melting grin from her otherwise long face. I meant it. Miracle was exceedingly easy on the eyes. I have caught myself ogling her I know not how many times. It seemed from first sight preposterous, that one man would tire of a very same thing another would gage his life to have.
I parked at the branching to her street. With her hand on the door handle, she darted another glance toward me.
“Ronald, did you really mean what you said? What you said about me being beautiful?” Miracle asked, eager in her eyes for a sincere response.
“I swear it on my granny’s grave, Miracle. You do not know how many times I have wondered how lucky your —”
Then she leaned in toward me before I could finish my sentence and planted me a pretty sensual kiss. Her softer-than-tissue lips parted to allow my tongue entry into her mouth. She
tasted no ingredient shorter than heaven. We played in each other’s mouth slowly until it seemed time was suspended for a while. The feeling was otherworldly. Miracle’s hand coyly ventured a soft movement up my jeans and rested on my cock which stood happily at her command.
I softly bit her nether lip and then began straying down her neck, kissing her as I went. I trailed her jawline up to her ear by kissing her every inch of the way. She moaned as I bit her in the earlobe. Her hand was slowly stroking my cock through my jeans. All that was happening seemed a huge haze of a dream, but I was bent on availing myself of this to the last detail before I woke.
Miracle had my jeans unzippered and her hand in my boxer shorts. Then she was stroking my cock slowly with her tender fingers with a touch soft softening as soft.
I undid her jeans and slid my hand down into her panties. I found her wet. I rubbed her clit with my fingers and could hear her mutter soft moans as I did her. I began teasing the entrance of her cunt using the tips of my fingers, troubling the door of her soul with incredible fingering.
Her sirenic moans were driving me to a certain craved-for destruction. I reached down to recline the driver’s seat so there was enough space for our hot activity to breathe in.
Swiftly, she vanished from her jeans and came straddling me in the driver’s seat. In another swift motion, my stuff penetrated her cunt and she began to grind me slow. She held on to me as she began riding up and down on my cock. I simply caressed her thighs and let her go, making her governess over that which had racked her for so long.
Her grinding on my dick grew faster and faster by the stroke until I was losing complete hold of myself. I started shooting up my hips and plunging deeper into her gut as she rode me harder too until she began to shudder, orgasming. I clutched her close to me in a tight hug while she came and found my own climax by inspiration.
Quietly, she got off me, cleaned up quickly and got back in her clothes again. She said nothing as she opened the car door and walked towards her home; and as she went, walking ever so gracefully on, I could not decide which awed me more, herself or the sensuality that was all of her.

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