Andrea’s Sexcapade (Part 2)

He probed down my body and found my nipples with his mouth, sucking them hungrily and knocking tremors down to my genitals. His masterly sucking and flicking the tongue arousing me to no end, I leaned further against the table for crucial support before I banged my head against a rock, plunging in the depths of my bliss.
From my tits, his adventurous tongue strayed down to my dripping depth and licked my now swollen lips. I was peeping in the clouds, far beyond the base level of the world, my body all receiving the satisfaction through my now aching muscles. I could feel the orgasmic waves begin to gather to a storm but was of a staunch mind to resist the untimely explosion and so stopped him short and reached for his hard body instead.
It was another side of pleasure stroking his hardness with my mouth so that, falling to my knees, I went to harder work his junk as duteously as any. I enjoyed watching his reaction to the operation of my mouth and tongue on him. In and out I took him, tasting his precum, while signs erupted from him that it was only so much more he could take.
He snatched me from my kneeling and hoisted me on to the table, clearing hurriedly what he could to seek some space. I threw my head back in anticipation for his fingers inside me, his teasing and rubbing agoing my pressured clit, finding my sweetness deep inside.
Of a sudden, he plunged his thick fingers into me, two at once, and oh no, did he know how to work a woman’s pussy with them.
I felt my muscles tautening and a rush of orgasmic waves gathering again, but as they did, he knew just when to plunge deeper into my cunt, twisting and turning his fingers mercilessly and making me scream, gasping in a fit.
Then in the middle of my screaming, he rose up and entered me with one long deep stroke and a growing exciting speed. He was so humongous, I felt my tightness tearing up in pieces. I heard my cries increase as he rammed me and made me thrash underneath him, my body gliding up the table, with my pussy swollen.
I felt every inch of him assail and make battery against my walls unrelentingly until he heard my final moan, hinting him on the approach of my explosion. As I came hard around him, he stilled himself, shuddering, and pulled out his junk from my depth, glistening with my wetness, and shot his thick juices across my chest. I reckoned my cumming around him triggered his own, as he spent his joy and fell on top of me, kissing me deep in the mouth.
It was a great fuck, and I looked forward to more of it if ever our paths met again.

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