Ariana’s Boyfriend

It was Ariana’s boyfriend’s birthday, to which I was initially loath to go, but I hadn’t met the guy since he kicked off a relationship with one of my closest friends about four months to the time, so this was an opportunity to meet, to say nothing of how much Ariana had harried me to go there with her. They started off playing but then from und themselves getting quite serious. So Ariana thought it was only time I met this man and gave my blessing.
No lie be told, the party was a blast, to say the least. Dele, who was the celebrant, had his brother, Timilehin, there at the party; and it was Timilehin who contributed the largest to make the party so much fun for me. He was ridiculously attractive and funny, so much so I think I must have snapped something in my stomach twice or thrice during the course of laughing too hard at his jokes. Between laughter, I found myself pausing and leaning back in quick moments wondering how a guy so handsome could be so down to earth and playful, not the usual cuties way in over their head and full of themselves. Timi was just the opposite. In fact, which almost annoyed me, he didn’t seem to think anything of himself.
He was a bit taller than his brother, Dele, who was the elder, but also like his brother, he loved life and knew how to enjoy it. The brothers were the life of the party and I could tell, even if one of them wasn’t the celebrant, they still would be no less the life of the party. I figured it must have been a strain in the family.
I was enjoying Timi’s lively company that, at some point, there wasn’t the littlest room in my mind to think of my friend in. I totally forgot about her the whole time. Then I found her later when the party was packing up to a close, knocked out drunk almost to unconsciousness. I wasn’t in the best shape myself so, for obvious reasons, we decided to pass the night with the brothers.
There was a king-sized bed in their room on which we all collapsed in our drunken state. A couple hours must have passed before I realized that, not only was Ariana and I lying in the middle of the brothers, Dele crashed to my right beside me while Timi lied to Ariana’s left. I also noticed Timi had his hand across his brother’s girlfriend’s waist. She had peeled off her clothing at some point after the night’s revelment and was only in her bra and panties. I pierced the night’s dull ear with a sharp chuckle, imagining how Dele would react if he saw this.
I turned back round to look at Dele who was lying beside me. He slept so quietly, many worlds away from discovering this laugh-worthy spectacle. I touched his cheek very lightly and ran my hands down his bare chest to his boxer briefs. Reaching down, I encountered an erect cock the immediate size of a cudgel. I let out a gasp involuntarily. How chanced it that Ariana never told me how blessed Dele was down there? I tossed a quick glance back at her, pondering the betrayal.
Now Timi’s hand has strayed a little down from her waist to cover her ass partly. I looked at Timi’s face and discovered that he was awake, his eyelids opened a crack and staring at me slyly. I looked pointedly at his hand on my friend’s ass, realizing now that the mischievous bastard had been doing it on purpose the whole time, and shook my head. Anyway, it seemed to me that he had taken choice of Ariana and I, so it was my cue to stick with mine.
Suddenly unsure and a tad shaky, I touched the crown of Dele’s kingly shaft, making him jolt from sleep and open his eyes. I put a finger to my lips to shush him from breathing so much as a word.
He had surprise splattered all over his face and immediately looked to where his girlfriend lay. His brother, Timi, at this point, already had pushed Ariana’s bra down and was lightly flicking his tongue over one of her nipples. She was moaning but seemed to still be full in sleep.
Dele, somewhat by a mental reflex, suddenly made to get up to put a scold his brother from touching his girlfriend, but I pushed him straight back down to the bed and straddled him, pinning him down. Quickly, I snatched off my top and bra and then leaned over to plant him a deep kiss. As I did, my hard nipples grazed his bare chest which, making him forget his brother and girlfriend, made him grab me tightly and kissed me back hard.
At little length, I broke from his grasp and began trailing down his stomach with kisses to his briefs. I seemed to have ripped those off within a blink, hungry as hell to eat that big meat of his.
Dele intently fixed his gaze on me as I canopied the head of his cock with my mouth and lapped him off. He exhaled a quiet groan. I repeated the feat again and again until I had half his junk in my mouth. I was bobbing up and down on his hard cock as he moaned as quietly as he could, fretting of waking his girlfriend.
Dele’s stuff was way too big for one mouth, and although I opened really wide to push it down the back end of my throat, I still couldn’t take all of him. He was a monster.
Then his moans began getting louder so much so I had to turn my head to check on his girlfriend, Ariana.
Timi was lying on top of her now and they both seen to have disappeared out of every single clothing item. Ariana was looking wide awake at this point but was yet drunk. Timi was sucking and licking his stomach full of her gorgeous boobs and I could not help my heightening arousal just watching him go to work on her like that. I looked back at Dele whose eyes were still fixed on me as I worked him. He impressed it upon me there and then that he was now as oblivious of his brother and his girlfriend as he was when he was fast asleep.
As I did him, I started feeling my wetness gradually gather up to a storm. I hurriedly hopped out of my own panties and went back to straddling him. I slipped his stuff straight into my dripping, starving cunt.
I could not chain the cry to my throat that escaped my lips as I felt his enormousness occupy me whole, almost splitting me in two. I soon forgot the couple beside me as I was preoccupied with the work that was his dick. I began riding him, with a mind for no stop.
At long length, breaking my pussy in with his glorious cock, I began bouncing up and down on him, feeling him quite in the middle of my stomach as I moved. In a short time, I was shuddering and screaming loudly as I burst my storm upon him.
A sharp sound from beside me pierced my attention to a standstill, as I looked to find Ariana moaning deeply under Timi’s cock. I could see his cock glisten with her juices. I smiled silently. Ariana was having a good dick too.
I returned to grinding on the thick shaft I had stuffing out my own cunt. I rode quickly up and down and Dele moved his hips upward to meet
me, seemingly touching the boundaries of my belly. He was probing into me deeper now and I looked over to see Timi banging Ariana hard as well. The brothers both began thrusting desperately into us until they stilled and spilled their seed into our fuckholes.
Collapsing from being so spent, Ariana and I went back to lying down between the boys, only this time, I was lying beside the younger, while my friend laid beside her boyfriend. Dele wrapped his hands around his girlfriend lovingly and Timi did the same to me as we all four of us together zoomed off to sleep.

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