Arthur’s Obsession (Part 1)

Arthur’s hot neighbour moved in some months ago and that precise moment he first laid eyes on her had stuck in his brain since. When she pulled over in her exotic Benz at the front of her house just across from Arthur’s building and stepped out in her high heels, unwrapping her sparkling skin to the morning sun and dazzling all that looked at her.
Arthur remembered how awestruck he’d been by her complexion and her intimidating figure. Her wide perfectly curvy hips, her legs, her gait, her exquisitely pretty face, the wine dress she was in, the whole jazz. He also recollected with a naughty smile every time his wife’s irritation at how helplessly and intently he gazed at the young woman. She had flared and was very near to cause a scene. He mocked her in his mind, wondering what she would do if only she knew how deeply he was attracted to this woman who he’d only seen for the first time and all the dirty fantasies that were thronging into his mind at the time. But to temper the fire that was starting, he quickly turned swords to ploughshares, laughing and hugging his wife. Then with all his strength of soul, took her by the hand and led her inside from the balcony from where he was enjoying the spectacle that was the sexy newcomer.
The image of her unsurpassed beauty clung so tenaciously to his memory. The class she oozed of was well beyond others, and not even Arthur’s wife, for Arthur’s money, ventured anywhere close.
As he led his wife from the balcony and himself away from this staggering beauty, he could not help thinking about the high heels she wore and hie they furthered the wonder of her long legs. He also had noticed, something to his dismay, the glitter of a ring on her ring-finger striking against the morning sun as she came down from her car, giving away her marital status.
Arthur and his wife had called in later the evening of that day to introduce themselves and bring along with them a bottle of wine to toast to the arrival of their latest neighbours – Shirleen and her husband, Adah. Arthur had struggled his hardest to focus on Adah in conversation but every time caught his eyes latching onto Shirleen.
Sometimes it was the graceful movement of her luscious-looking lips that snatched his concentration, or her intoxicating complexion, her wild curves and fat ass when she stood up to go get something, her legs other times, but oh her eyes! Good heavens! Those inviting eyes, seeming aloud to to be urging him to come around yet again.
Well, those eyes, if they wrote the very speeches he read, had their wishes, for indeed Arthur and his wife had gone around again for dinner over at the couple’s place about three weeks later. But then Arthur had managed to ‘bump’ into Shirleen between the time a few times.
He observed when Shirleen left for work each morning and all too often coincided with when he was just leaving himself too. He quickly recognized the opportunity for a shiny smile from her and a little exchange of pretty words between them at these mornings. He never missed any of these tremendous pleasures.
Then one fine weekend when Shirleen was home alone and his own wife had taken the kids to see her parents, Arthur volunteered to help Shirleen with some environmental work and she gladly jumped on his kind gesture.
Arthur liked Shirleen by no small scales. But yet he knew it didn’t come a whole world close to actual love. No, he loved his wife instead. It was
simply just lust for her flesh, a perfect hunger for all the delicacies she had hidden under her dress every time, he so badly and wildly wanted to bang the hell out of this oh so hot neighbour of his, whatever it took.
Making love with his wife was so-so, rather middling good. They made love at most twice a week, customarily at weekends. The experience was always too gentle and full of respect, observing too many limits as his wife will not want to be seen, nor he would want to fuck her roughly, as a whore. In truth, Arthur was starving and hungered for much more for his sex life. He wanted to fuck, really fuck, and not just make love unwieldy love like old tired couples. He critically wanted more; but by how much he wanted more, his wife seemed to want less. She was a deadening thing in bed, and all the ways he’d tried to complain, she’d shut up emphatically. Their sexual routine was frustratingly, to put it the mildest. Missionary ninety percent of the time, and doggy, if ever, so rarely. This hurt Arthur too deeply and yet he was muffled from showing his lovely wife his wound so that he started dying slowly and painfully.
However, he still was crazy about his wife. She was a great mom and took such great care of the children, performed happily more than her moiety of household chores and was a lovely woman in all; although in bed a far departure from this glowing self.
True, he felt blessed to be husband to such loving, thoughtful, hardworking wife, and yet he admitted something was still missing, something too big to ignore. And this singular joy, being absent and so large, almost swallowed other joys enjoyed inside itself, so that they are but half enjoyed, and some of the time not at all.
So when his wife had gone away with the kids this particular weekend to spend time with her parents, Arthur’s usual funny thoughts started running really wild. His luck was appearing to shine as Adah, Shirleen’s husband, also was out of town. He came to find this out upon a loose remark Shirleen had made two days before when he ‘bumped’ into her again at the front of the house.
Arthur spotted this shiny opportunity, if it was any at all, and forbade to dull the edge of it with disuse. It was quite cool and breezy outside, so he thought to come out and enjoy the cool of the breeze, in part hoping that Shirleen also might come out and spot him from across the street. He decided to take his shirt off, too, on purpose, to make her water at the mouth over his woman-slaying physique. This was his time to make her drool and melt over him, as indeed he hasn’t shown her this wild sexiness to his side since they’d known, but, alas, there was no whiff of his neighbour in sight. He almost could feel the opportunity tangibly slipping away from his hands.
Just when his hopes were giving and he was thinking about going back in, concluding his prey wasn’t home, Shirleen’s car appeared at the end of the street and she pulled up in her driveway and said hello to Arthur. He
watched her walk up to him in a racy tight red skirt over her sparkling light skin and a crisp work blouse and then offered he came over to talk over wine. He came down, still shirtless, crossed the street to her and walked with her into her kitchen, leaning on Shirleen’s kitchen counter. He seemed to have caught a whiff of her flirting with him and was impressed upon that she wanted him now as much as he’d always done her. But yet it somewhat concerned him that he may simply have misread her signals, upon which, if he made a move, would miscarry so damnably. He sure could never forgive himself for such goofing.
Shirleen must have walked past him a couple times, brushing past each time to the the fridge to take a thing or two. Arthur was starting to get really confident either was eyeing the other up, either breathlessly anticipating the other’s move, and both equally loath to make the first move. At tedious length, Shirleen was the one who would take the initiative. She turned around, rubbing her hands on her wide curvy hips, and faced Arthur. He could catch a naughty hint of a smile play across her lips as she simply said, “Well, what now?”
This was it! He knew for certain now the ball was all in his court. She just dropped it there. But how to play it and push things forward seemed a different ball game altogether.
She definitely was flashing him the green light now, and yet Arthur was still loath to step on the gas, still wanting to be double cock-sure.
“Thanks for inviting me over to taste wine with you…”
“You’re welcome,” she replied, pouring him wine now and he took a sip.
“So you work Saturdays now, do you?”
“To my utter dismay, Arthur. Don’t you just hate for work to be inserted in the most fun day of the week! Saturdays should be all bliss, a relaxant from the hectic week. But what can we do, right? Anything honest to get by.”
“Well, you certainly looked the part of a frustrated fun-lover…” Arthur returned, smiling tauntingly.
“Oh am I that obvious?” she gasped. “Well, perhaps I am now. Wouldn’t mind being obvious to you for one,” she gave a wildly suggestive grin with devilish eyes. Arthur could feel his heart thumping in his chest now, catch her meaning by the wrist. He drank more wine from his glass, anxious as hell.
“You definitely are one well-toned handsome man! You sure can come around here anytime if you leave your shirt and your wife behind, while my husband is away,” she winked wickedly.
“Oh wow, you’re one crazy wife,” Arthur said, blushing red. All was ready now, and he hasn’t much to do go scoop the prize anymore. All that seemed natural to do now was to take the conversation some naughtiness further. He saw the door open right in front of him now. So he pressed forward.
“I really hope you don’t mind
my saying this, Shirleen darling, but you really do have a great ass, I’m not even gonna lie about it.”
There was a pause, then broke in a sudden declaration from Shirleen’s chest, “It’s all yours if you want it!” And with that declared, she moved to the cabinets, rested her hands against them and thrust her fat ass out much into her neighbour’s view. Arthur reacted, nervously though, pushed up against her, swiveled her around and
kissed her deeply in the mouth. She pushed her tongue into his mouth in equal intensity. They had kissed for some time before Arthur swiveled Shirleen right about again and thrust his groin against her soft fleshy ass.
He with shaky hands began to unzip her skirt from the back, and Shirleen, as eager to be rid of her clothes, helped him in his work. The red skirt slipped to the floor and Arthur’s hands were in her panties right away.
His quivering hands found her pussy lips and clit and began stroking them until he could feel a pleasant wetness flow down his fingers while Shirleen made sweet-sounding moans and bent her body under the weight of the pleasure.


To be continued…


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