At Home With Ndubuisi (Part 1)

It was heavily wet in Lekki, so I easily opted to keep indoors with my man, Ndubuisi, who was on leave at the time.
He awoke much later than my time for work and was surprised, scared almost, to find me beside him in bed. “Baby, aren’t you supposed to be at work this time of morning already?” He asked, a little concerned, as I smiled back, “It’s raining cats and dogs outside and everywhere would be flooded, so I called the office and told them I will be working from home.”
The concern that once hardened Ndubuisi’s face suddenly melted down to excitement as his hands crawled to my boobs and his fingers started to play with my nipples which both went hard instantaneously in response.
In no time at all, my clit was throbbing and I thrust my hips with a sharp upward movement that was starting to build inside of me.
Then I heard him whisper, “Baby, let me know how you want it.” I bit my nether lip upon these words and looked down toward my pussy as these words fell out of my mouth involuntarily, “I want you to eat my pussy, babe.” With a mischievous smile pervading his handsome face, he pulled me roughly toward himself and shifted my panties to the side. My clit was already hard and swollen above my love-folds as Ndubuisi breathed a hot air on it and I made a quiet gasp at the sweet sensation it caused all over my body.
Then this hot breath of his was soon replaced by his warm, wet tongue. He swirled his tongue in loving circles around my cunt, having a care he did not shove it inside me but yet hard enough that every swirl found a way to touch my clit, every time at which a quiet moan expired from my lips.
But a rather ear-splitting moan erupted from me as soon as Ndubuisi mouthed me whole. I ached for the tip of his tongue touching my clit and flicking repeatedly over it. I wanted to have his lips and chin wet with my juices and ultimately feel his hard-throbbing cock tearing down the walls of my pussy.
I looked down with pleading eyes, begging with looks that Ndubuisi make me nut. He gloated, knowing my meaning, and kept eye contact with me, and then dived his long tongue inside my cunt to lick up my hot juices and then slid that tongue up to flick over my swollen clit, nearing breaking.
I was just on the brink of climax and feeling my legs quiver when he let up the pressure a moment and left me hanging mid-air. His mischief in it was naked, and I could see the ugly form. Every slight flick of his tongue afterward sent crippling waves all over me that made me writhe uncontrollably.
“How do you like how I’m playing with your pussy, babe?” Ndubuisi asked of me, but I could make him no reply. I just moaned drily in return, my voice dry from torturous want. At last, I begged him to drive me to that climax I yearned excruciatingly now.
“That’s for dessert. First I mean to
tease you some more,” he returned wickedly.
Then my man laid by the eating me and replaced his mouth with his forefinger and index finger at once. He slid those two inside me and I let out another sharp moan, clenching my walls tightly around them. Then I think I heard him giggle, seeing how splayed I was at his mercy.

Continued in part 2…


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