Coming Prepared For Okolie (Part 1)

The inside of my jacket slightly touching my bare flesh every now and again seemed to give such a livening feel as woke my arousal or fed into it at any rate.

In my racy outfit, I looked the part of a slut in heat. I had on my best accessories, some bright sequined tassels for my nipples, adorned to detail, cupping only my nipples and leaving the sensual curves and movement of my huge round breasts at full glare. My appearance seemed to have created all the excitement I felt bubbling inside of me.

Okolie was quite oblivious of what I had on underneath my jacket, but my bare flesh lurking thereunder cued off just what I needed that night.

My ravishingly hot boyfriend was in for a treat. Late nights and long days hadn’t allowed his mind any entertainment of sexual needs, but tonight I aimed to blow his mind and purge him of all the stress accumulated in his body. The sole object was to be a feast for his eyes and his body.

As I breezed into Okolie’s apartment, I scanned the room for my most fitting spot. Leading him by the hand, I turned and pushed him against a

blank wall, laden with purpose, and had his back pressed against the smooth surface. This was just where I wanted him. Motionless and dumb of tongue, a puzzling look cracked across his face and it was such a delight watching his eyes take my whole appearance in. I stood up straight and took a step back, looking intently to mark his appreciation grow and his eyes light up with a warm fire. I watched them slowly drop, perusing my body over, combing for evidence of what it was I was doing but soon moved back to take the meaning in my face prisoner.

Fixing my eyes on him, I undid his buttons, spread open his shirt to reveal his gorgeous muscular frame. I inched closer, taking in his sweet body scent, before trailing tender kisses along the thickness of his neck. Okolie moved no muscle, maintaining a strong gaze on me through as I went. I continued my loving assault on his godlike frame, undoing more of his buttons to expose the fullness his beautiful torso.

I relieved him of his shirt and tumbled my kiss further down his magical body, now unbuckling the top of his trousers to glimpse a first sign of his arousal bulging from the silken hindrance. Still taking on the full bulk of my prize, I caught a smile on my face canter from cheek to cheek as my dripping tongue caught the side of my mouth, giving away a hot spoiler of what my sexy boyfriend had coming.

As if in direct response, Okolie’s eyes burned a warm glow of lustful expectation and still never disengaged from mine as I stepped back to undo my tight belt.

Unbuttoning my jacket, the true nature of my intent shot a thousand heads out through my bare flesh and I could feel my nipples respond eagerly to the unveiling, the lights in the room striking off the fancy fabric of my nipples as they revealed themselves. I heard Okolie draw a quick short breath, his mouth opened a crack in amazement at the view. I knew then for certain I had his full and utter attention, which was now all mine to command. Shedding the jacket off of my shoulders, his eyes clasped tighter the image that was rendered before him. Digesting the sexual treat I was

offering up, an excitement fluttered my belly to witness his desire wax wilder, his body signalling his continued arousal, his great dick twitching beneath the fabric of its prison.

My pussy started to throb jubilantly, while a wetness gathered between my lips. I always did love the effect Okolie had on my body and how easily he whipped off the wildest of arousals in me.



To be continued…





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