Damilola’s Little Sister

One wet Sunday, Damilola brought her younger sister over to my place. The girl had a job interview at the company I worked quite early the next day and it made more sense she brought her by since my residence was much closer to my workplace than hers.
Apparently, for some reason, Damilola sat comfy in her heart assuming she and I were seeing each other. Many a time, I really couldn’t mind because she cooked my meals and did my washing. Dami was also always game for anything in bed, open to new experiments and techniques. So, naturally, I enjoyed her assumption for such benefits that came to me from it. She was always fun too, but it was her thinking she could just barge in on me anytime she so pleased that irritated me, although I couldn’t make her hear my grumble.
A lot like her big sister, Liz was easy on the eyes. She cut that look of tender innocence in its bud which made me take an instant shine to her.
She was much slimmer than her sister but still managed to have this enticing curve to her ass and wide hips with a thin waist.
I watered at the mouth as soon as I set eyes on her. I must have attempted once or twice, however, to shake off the dirty ideas from my mind, but without success, of course. Buy then, what of it? She was due to leave the next day, so it didn’t seem as though I would get a chance to do anything.
Next morning came and I took Liz to work along with me. After her interview, she chose to stay back although I reached out to her with money for transportation back to my place where she was to wait for her sister to come pick her up. But she insisted she rather waited until my closing hours and I was done.
At length, at about 2 pm, I figured I could quickly drive her home and return to work. It didn’t sit with me well that she had to wait so long for me. I wouldn’t want to stress anyone like that.
On our way back, Liz got down to be more chatty with me than usual. She told me how the interview had gone and the persons she met in the office. The conversation sort of bored and tired me out but I nodded along anyway and made as brief replies courteously.
Some twenty-five minutes or so later, we were parked in front of my place. I unlocked the door and Liz unhooked her seatbelt. I had given her the keys to the apartment and was just waiting for her to step out but instead, she turned her face to me and planted her soft lips on mine. This was all the motivation I needed. In no time at all, my hands were roaming like deranged cannibals all over her body while hers were groping around for my cock. She found my hardness through my pants and began to stroke me there.
She disengaged from the kiss and said, “We’ve got this business to finish inside, you and I.”
I could not argue with that logic and so we both hopped out of the car and dashed into the apartment. We were still locked hand in hand as we fell on each other on our way to the bedroom.
Soon, snatching her clothes off from her body, my hands were leeches on her sexy ass as I began to stroke her through her white cotton panties. I wanted to feel that ass against me so I flipped her around to press my dick against it hard. I reached my hands around front to stroke her boobs while grinding my hard cock against the softness of her ass. She let out a weak moan, pushing up backward and grinding against my erection.
I ripped her panties off desperately and pulled down my boxer shorts. Dami then got on the bed on all fours and I took my position behind her. She spread her legs apart and arched her back as I shove my cock straight up her cunt forcefully.
I heard myself oink and her let out a loud cry as she jerked forward and her warm pussy walls wrapped me tightly. She began to move her ass back and forth against me, moaning deliriously as she went. I held on to both her waist, pulling her harder against me as I thrust deeper and deeper strokes into her depths. I raised my hand and spanked her lightly on her ass cheek.
“You spank like a bitch! Harder!” she yelled and I spanked her really hard now. Her ass jiggled erotically in response as she let out a sharp cry. I dug my nails into the softness of her flesh and fucked her harder than before. The way her ass slapped against me every time I thrust in turned me on to no end. It took quite a while to realize how hard it was to take my eyes from that fat ass as it jiggled in the air as battered her from behind until the thought of fucking her asshole began to eat into my mind. Then I shut my eyes, imagining the difference in the sweetness of that indulgence as I felt my balls beginning to tighten. I thrust deep into her one last stroke and shot my seed up her cunt, emptying my loins inside of her.
Liz collapsed on the bed right away, out of breath, and I left and returned to work soon after.
As I drove back to work, I vowed in my heart to see she got that job. I was set to enjoy that pussy for a long time to come.



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