David’s Vengeful Fuck (Part 1)

Every inch of my body buzzed with the after-spending of a powerful sexual eruption, from my wet protruding lips which quivered sensually down to the sinews within my crotch.
It was merely the aftermath of long hours of intense lovemaking. The night I had so long conceives in mind had at last been born. It was no night to pass up in memory, no banal fuck; instead, it was a night of my gaping lust being fed full up to the throat by the man who’d barraged my
mind with lust-provoking messages so much so I was gonna have him in bed or die.
The night I had ached for for several months had thoroughly worm me out of breath but yet used me deliciously. Pretty sparks of the past night spangled brilliantly in my dark recollection.
The particular hunger that roared wild in me was to have its meal or devour me whole. But the more it ate when dinner was served in, the hungrier I myself became. My belly had grown all air and no food.
So, having thrown on David’s tee-shirt, I leapt at the liberty to sneak out and pursue refreshment. I had the most need for reinvigoration.
It was no mean rapture therefore to find cakes and juice at the confectioner’s which I snatched at with both hands, took back home and devoured gluttonously.
As I had my cake and juice, I some point became conscious of David’s tall frame towering above me from behind. Clad simply in his morning robe, he inched closer, his quenchless appetite seeming again on the prowl for me. His large hands landed gently upon me and began to caress up my soft body again, only this time tugging me back into the protection of his frame.
How after stretched hours of rough passionate fucking David still sought more was just beyond me. His lips kissed my flesh and I felt the cold shivers run through my spine as he caressed up my neck and licked me there teasingly.
Sweet, deliberate kisses dropping like bombs all over vulnerable body made me yield in no time as I began getting really hot for him.
My heart said there wasn’t a way in hell u could take any more, but my body was feeling quite the converse. It cried out for him earnestly. Where had I the strength to go another wild round with David? Will there ever be an end? It appeared now he had meant to destroy my pussy all this time he’d been flirting with me over social media, because indeed he fucked with a vengeance. But that was not my concern right now though, rather my mind was inclined toward the dampness that was growing between my legs in response to David’s sensual touching and licking.
As I turned facing him, my hands involuntarily slipped down to feel his throbbing cock underneath his boxer briefs. I felt the need to taste him again instantaneously; hoping to taste my remnant juices that perhaps still hung on him. I dropped to my knees before him submissively to taste what I thirsted for so badly all of a sudden.
I looked up to his face and saw his gaze fixed on me, not guttering one moment. The new heights my ecstasy had taken just now made me forget quite the exhaustion and bodily pains I had experienced only moments ago from crazy hours of animalistic pounding early on. David had pressed my head deep into the pillow as he rammed my pussy from the back with fierce strokes, ambitiously dragging me the furthermost to the suburbs of unruly passion.
But only seconds later had I found myself positioned on top of his rigid tool, my shirt fully unbuttoned to expose my flat stomach and breasts, his fingers tugging at my nipples as I rode. I remember the warmth of his mouth on me as he took the one bouncing nipple in his mouth and squeezed the other with his hand while I creamed all over his dick, riding him.

To be continued…

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