David’s Vengeful Fuck (Part 2)

The memory we had made hours ago seemed to be quickened with every touch as I tasted what remained of me on him and relished the aftertaste of the night before.
His naked desire for me showed flesh in his eyes again to fuck me as he lowered himself and suddenly shoved two fingers deep into my dampness. I heard a gasp intermingle and escape with my breath upon his penetration and soft moans following as he went on fingering me. As I caught his eye, I realized that David had been focused on my reaction and my body reception to his every touch all along.
He soon grew impatient and sliding his fingers out of me, pushed me back on the kitchen floor and thrust his tool into my open pussy roughly, filling me up with the full length of his uncouth arousal. With my legs spread wider, he plunged my wet depths deeper and deeper, seeking out my gut and making me scream for help with delirious cries. “Oh! Oh! Ah! Yes! Please! No! No! Please!” I could hear myself scream as David pounded me.
His playful hands went about traversing my now-naked flesh with light-touching strokes before he pulled me to himself, clutching me in the inside of his arms.
While sitting on his cock as he rained kneeling, he grabbed around my waist with both hands and forced me down the length of his iron dick, plunging up into my stomach as I let out loud screams again. He had me bouncing up and down now while he met me halfway with upward thrusts.
My arousal now taking my brain by the top, I threw my head and body back, riding him, giving his length even further access into my gut as I felt my whole body almost split with the size of his meat up inside me. My thick physique not a hindrance to me fucking him grinding on him hard and deep, I bounced up and down on him crying with pleasure. As we went, he grabbed my hair backward, zooming my big breasts closer to his face, and landed his mouth on my nipple and started sucking and biting it hungrily. I was tilted half from the brink of my mind, half falling off right insane.
I began, in no time, to feel my body give and feel the delightful waves gathering to a head inside me, my every sinew tautening to a halt, signaling an explosion to break.
I felt that degree of pleasure once again as we unleashed and intermixed our climaxes upon each other, he cumming the same time as me, as though one has enforced the other forth. It was a mere oxymoron of pain and pleasure. And as my flaming body tempered again from all the heat of fierce sex, I remarked the searing soreness return yet again between my thighs . A soreness from lust, yet a souvenir of his unruly passion and my need to be so consumed.
We looked deep into each other’s eyes, and found no words needed there, seeing how much volumes swelled in our look. We disengaged and lay down on the kitchen floor in each other’s arms for a while before David got up to pick up the tray of juice and my half-bitten cake, took my hand so I got up, and led me back to the bedroom.
We must have lain in bed for the better portion of the day with bodies reeking of raw sex and chatted away till ad infinitum.


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