Drinking Reynolds Up

I dropped to my knees. “Oh, my Goodness!” I gasped underneath my breath as soon as Reynolds pulled down his boxer briefs and unleashed his monstrous cock at me. He was so huge, I thought to myself.
With one quivering hand, I nervously circled around the base of it, my fingers barely touching the other side because he was so damn thick.
I held his wondrous loaf of meat and ate it up with my eyes, my heart pulsating. I wouldn’t stroke it right off, but simply gaze the good life out of it for a time and let my roaming eyes travel the length. Then I squeezed a little, feeling it throb in my hand as I licked my lips.
I squeezed again and looked up into Reynolds’ eyes. My wet lips seemed to part and my tongue emerge. The contact of my tongue on the sensitive tip caused him to moan deeply with pleasure. I moaned in sync because Reynolds tasted oh so sweet. I shut my eyes and pursed my lips, pressing against his crown. Then kissed the tip lovingly. I kissed his cock down its length until they reached to his glorious balls.
I made a slow but sure movement, holding the base with one hand and sliding my lips back to the crown again. I had never before witnessed a cock this humongous and I was eager as hell to experience the whole of beauty.
It was as though I could feel Reynolds’ heartbeat drumming under my hand. Every throb of his meat fluttered me butterflies in the belly. I opened my mouth, squeezed his shaft and shove him in.
I gave muffled moans around his cock and forced the head against the back of my throat. I gazed up to his sexy eyes once more. I could see huge black clouds of lust convening, consulting together to pour in a deluge.
I began sucking and slurping on his cock. I left a hand to stand guard on the base of the tower while my mouth moved along the length. I took how much meat I could manage into my mouth with every bob of my head. I parted my mouth a little wider and run my tongue up his shaft from balls to the head.
Reynolds’ cock was now slick and glistened with my mouth-juice. My hands slid to his hips. I clamped my mouth around his meat again and thrust my head forward. I inhaled deeply as the head of his dick crossed over my wet tongue and pressed for the rear of my throat.
I grabbed his hips a tad harder, attempting to push more of him in and having it slide down my throat outright. Reynolds then grabbed the back of my head as I deep-throated him to aid my cause better.
I push toward him and he thrust his hips forward. My lips at length wrapped him around the base and lingered out the hold for a moment. I let him enjoy the thrill of having his meat fill the belly of my mouth some while before releasing the hold and gasping to fetch my breaths. I drew my mouth back, leaving his cock free.
Delightful traces of mouth-juice stretched between the head and my lips before I licked them off. I could tell Reynolds wanted so badly for me not to stop.
With one hand on his hip and the other around his loaf again, I entered him into my mouth, the somewhat salty taste of his precum washing over
my tongue.
His deep groaning excited me as I bobbed my head and stroked his thickness with my mouth and hand. Every now and again, I pushed Reynolds all the way back to my throat again, shocking him with the sharp pangs of the pleasure every single time.
The hand I had on Reynolds’ hip now moved to my breast as my fingers began pinching my nipples and I played with the head of his cock with my tongue. Every stroke I made excited me just as much as him.
I picked up the pace markedly as I felt his breathing deepening. I knew just what to expect and I couldn’t wait.
I pushed forward again and took him to the back of my throat where I killed him every timr, my tongue pressing against the bottom of his huge loaf.
That stroke was all Reynolds needed. A frightening monstrous groan broke forth and came rolling down from the hills of his chest. His cock throbbed and I felt his juices begin to flood my mouth. I pulled back, keeping the head of his spasming dick in my mouth while I stroked the remaining length with my hand.
I drank him up quickly as more and more of him eroded my tongue and washed down my throat. I pulled away and opened my mouth wide with his cock resting on my nether lip to let Reynolds see the last squirt of his juice shoot and drip into my mouth.
I shut my mouth and swallowed the last of him.
So I drank my belly full of Reynolds. Nothing filled me better.

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