Folake’s Threesom (Part 2)

Folake could feel the inside of her thighs warming up to hotness as Frank eventually left playing with her off and went down to lick her. She spread her legs, as he tongued her down there. Grabbing on Folarin’s junk harder, she yielded at the mercy of Frank’s ferocious strokes.
Her luscious lips parted a crack in bliss, and Folarin kissed her inside the mouth, groping for her depths, and then disengaging to stray down to her tits. The sight and feel of all the boys were doing to get was too much for her so much so that she orgasmed hard on Frank’s face as he ate her cunt while Folarin was hard at work on her nipples, sucking and flicking his tongue over them vigorously one after the other.
Then turning on her side with her mouth agape, Folake pushed Folarin’s boxer shorts down and took his humongous cock in her mouth. She could taste his salty precum in her mouth and the dampness between her legs as Frank rammed into her wet slippery pussy. All of a sudden, she had a huge cock in her mouth and another in her dripping cunt.
Folake thought to connect her body more with Frank’s but wasn’t half willing let go of Folarin’s junk in her mouth. A glorious smile was manifest all across Folarin’s face as he smiled at her and poured himself a glass. In trying to please both men equally, Folake toiled to connect with either in the course of their engagement so neither feels any less a participant of her pleasure.
She so enjoyed the twirls and turns that Frank made her body do as he pounded her mercilessly and she gave Folarin a pro’s hand job. She loved the feeling of wielding the power to keep two men satisfied at once, unbelievable to her almost, seeing as she’d never done it before.
The men’s deep rumbling moans and heavier breaths shot up her own ecstasy, the sweet sounds they made turned her on even more and started edging her on the brink of a sequel orgasm.
Frank pulled out his cock, as she held Folarin’s junk in place still, mouthing half the great length with all her heart. Looking up at him, Folake made it a point that Folarin saw the gratitude in her eyes and how much she enjoyed having him wrapped in the warmth of her juicy mouth.
True to her aim, Folarin watched, riveted quite, as she consumed him by the mouthfuls.
She sucked with consummate skill, sometimes flicking just his frenulum with the very tip of her tongue, or he times shoving him deep to the back end of her throat, all in excellent timing. She noticed his eyes dim and could intuit instantly that the man would have more than just the beautiful head she was dishing out to him.
Having her stay put on her side, Folarin shoved his meat into her wet waiting cunt, and began at first riding slow through her walls and then increased the tempo by degrees.
But Folake’s hunger for a cock in her mouth ravaged her still, she’d used herself to it pitiably, so that she moved her head against Frank’s loins, grabbed his staff and guides it into her mouth desperately. He gave a deep groan as she wrapped him right in her mouth, milking the pleasures out him.
She gagged on his cock, Frank holding her head against his cock so hard and not letting her go, as she struggled to free herself so she could scream accordingly in response to how the other man pounded her pussy to a pulp now. And seeing Frank would not free her, she sucked on in tandem with Folarin’s thrusts, a bead or two of tears appearing in her eyes now, making the best of it. As she turned her eyed up at Frank, she could tell the naked need in his eyes to be inside her pussy yet again.
Getting the memo himself and playing a part of a good team player, Folarin slipped his wet cock out of her, kissed her and placed her atop Frank who had lain down now in wait so that she straddled him. Folarin kissed her neck from the back and unclasped the strap of her bra as she rode the other man.
At length, her bra slipped from her altogether by how hard she rode Frank.
Panting out of breath like a cur while Folarin used one hand to squeeze her titty and the other to stroke her clit hard, she cried out as her climax rippled through her. Both male lovers caressed her, as her body shuddered with the aftershocks of orgasming.
Their team skill was so deftly interwoven so much so they’d realized for Folake a steamier than steamy dream than she had ever dreamt of a threesome.



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