Jeffrey’s Trip (Part 1)

Another work assignment was on the plate, and I planned this time to book a hotel myself because I wanted something rather less corporate. So I arranged my own accommodation in a small hotel just out of town in favour of logistics.
I had a mind to avoid people in suits everywhere. I needed a type of hotel I could relax in, have fun and little mind the world of corporate support.
The moderate look of my hotel room met my deep satisfaction, although a far cry from the sort I was used to on such trips. This look highlighted the important pieces, a simple wooden bed with pretty white lineny sheets. It was just to my liking and the convenience of my purpose. It bestowed me just the short escape I needed from my dull routine.
After having relaxed as much as I wanted, I strolled down to the bar and the restaurant that both leaned to one side of the pool. Helping myself to a seat, I ordered a drink and took a moment to breathe in the sweet air and observe the people around me. Crushing a few more bottles, I began getting the full feel of the ambiance. I observed that there were only a few residents and that most customers who came around were there to just enjoy the delight that was the restaurant’s local food.
There was this new girl who’d joined the shift, perhaps for the busier afternoon and evening sales. It was my best guess at the time. She eventually had my eyes glued on her as she moved back and forth between the bar and restaurant, taking the orders that increased as the day progressed to a fading.
I was mindful however of not having her notice my eyes on her, fearing it might make her uncomfortable and her work go on heavily; and I for sure had no stomach to appearing about the only man doing little else but ogling all the girls around, but I was more than charmed by this particular girl’s queenly presence amongst the horde. She stood out from the rest of the staff with as easy an effort as a wolf did from a herd of sheep, amongst sheep.
I remarked her bold dark eyes, the casual way she had her hair done, and how it fell a little loosely about her shoulders. I easily carved out her commanding hourglass figure from her over-washed hotel uniform. The top button of her blouse couldn’t hold because she was quite buxom with large boobs.
Then she stepped my way bringing me my fourth beer and I couldn’t help but notice she had no bra on as she bent slightly over my table and her breasts seemed to want to spill out. I almost lost control at the spectacle. It was my intention to stop looking but then she glanced up at me and there appeared such carefree spirit through her eyes so that I was sure she had little concern of my peeking in just a little too intently.
“Would you have anything else, sir?” She asked, flashing me the pleasantest smile that I had ever witnessed.
“Oh no, thank you, I’m just great,” I returned, showing my pleasure from her asking.
“Well, sir, do just call my notice to it as soon as you think I can interest you in anything else from the bar or restaurant,” and with that said, she moved away to attend to other business, leaving me gaping in wonder of what else she could intrigue me by.
As the evening wore on, I regaled myself to the relaxing vibes and feeding my eyes full of my sole object of interest, watching her dancing eyes and revealing blouse as she passed my table briskly.

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