Lukas’ Sour Revenge (Part 2)

“Oh, babe,” I sighed with a shaky voice, “Please help release my pent-up juices…”
“Oh, no, not quite yet, baby. You’ll sweat for it a little,” Lucas replied coldly. Then he abandoned his tongue-assault on my pussy as he plunged two fingers into my wet cunt. In response, I clenched my walls around them and could notice a dirty smirk spread across his pretty face.
He curled them upward in a deliberate search for my g-spot, found it and made me gasp in shock. I threw my head back, quivering, and moaned as he began harassing my g-spot back and forth. My mind seemed to have ebbed away with the powerful moment, lost at sea quite, and blown to pieces as his fingers did their wicked work on me, knocking me half unconscious with the impact of the pleasure I received. I quaked all over and arched my back to feel his hard palm push against my swollen clit.
I lay back on the table, freeing my hands to roam my body. Then he brought his tongue again to flock the tip over my clit while fingering me as he did, so that the pleasure spilled over and I was totally gone out of my mind, crying out like a bitch in travail as I spread my legs wider yet to invite him further in.
I felt my body at crossroads, stranded between hoping the pent-up arousal endured forever and wanting the ecstasy incident to releasing such mighty pressure so abundantly built up in me; yet in exquisite agony knowing it couldn’t enjoy both luxuries.
But Lukas left me no other way to choose but explode as he pulled my big clit into his mouth and sucked hard on it. I drove round the bend as waves and waves of heaven ripped through my shuddering body and broke out out me in floods of cum.
I squirted all over his face, and as I felt my climax starting to spend, thrust my pussy against his mouth, inviting him to resume sucking on my clit. My legs were up in the air, my pussy still throbbing to have his huge junk buried inside it. The wild music and sweet scent of my orgasm occupied the room everywhere and choked the air.
I glanced down and our eyes locked, and I could see a nasty smile coin in his cheeks against my pussy. He raised his head up and, seeing his lips wet and big beard dripping with my juices, I returned a sweet smile.
“We move to the next phase now, if you please, madam,” he said, smiling. I had barely recovered from the shocks and shakes of my climax, and so just nodded my head weakly, biting my lower lip.
“Fuck me, Lukas” I could hear myself beg in as low as a whisper.
My muscular man stood up, unbuttoning his shirt, and not once breaking eye contact with me. He unbuckled his belt, undid his pants and slid them down and out of them. He hadn’t any boxer briefs on so I could at once witness his large cock spring free as he lowered himself and hit my inner thigh with his monster, then moved so it rested against my pussy, intimidating me with his rare endowment.
He rested his hands on either side of me on the table and nudged his meat against my wet pussy, teasing loosely between the folds and my against my clit alternately.
I almost loathed him for this heinous behaviour.


To be continued…



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