Mrs Osayemi’s Nephew (Part 2)

“Oh yes! Okuchi!” Bolade spurted out in sheer delight as she twirled her tongue around the crown of his cock, teasing him so and loving how he squirmed under her as she did
that. Then suddenly she plunged him deep into the back of her throat, sucking on his meat harder than she ever had, bobbing her head up and down on him hard as his hand came down to hold her head, encouraging her on the great job she was making of giving him head. She picked up the pace yet, stroking his length hard with one hand while sucking him hard as before so that Bolade was half tilted over the brink of sanity, the electricity crippling his brain with every stroke of her hand and tongue-tease on him.
He shuddered, raising his pelvis up slightly to shove his junk a little deeper into her throat and shot a truckload of nut up to the back of her throat. Okuchi had a mind to swallow all but had some drip off the side of her mouth which she wiped with the back of her hand. She looked at him and smiled coyly again, and he thought she was terribly sexy when she smiled like that. He pulled out his cock and they both lay on the ground. They’d given each other the best head possible but had yet to perform the main ceremony. He looked to his side to catch her gaze and she broke out in a beautiful grin.
He moved closer to her and claimed her mouth with a deep kiss, plunging his tongue down her throat. He reached down his hand to grab her ass and he squeezed until she groaned softly into his mouth. He disengaged and made her turn around, having her push her ass back into him. He grabbed her boobs and squeezed hard, making her let out a sharp moan, then he reached down and felt her dampness down there. He dipped a finger in and made her jerk a little forward, then back up on him, grinding her waist to beck him on.
He added yet a third finger in and shoved all three finger into her cunt as she moved in tandem with his fingers. She clasped her legs against his hands as he pushed them into her and out. She was letting out loud moans now and he knew her waters were gathering to a cum-flood. He moved faster now to accelerate her climax as she exploded all over his hand, grinding hard against the strokes his fingers were making. Then Bolade took out his fingers and stroked his ruthless cock gently, readying it for breaking and entry while her pussy throbbed.
He spread her legs apart, raised her waist and shoved his cock into her wet cunt roughly from the back. A sharp groan escaped her lips upon his rough entry. He loved the soft feel of her big ass up against him as he began grinding his junk into her, gripping her waist with both hands.
He started to pick up the pace of his strokes now as she continues letting out delirious cries of ecstasy. He grabbed her boobs from behind and pinched on her nipples hard, then started moving even faster now as she raised her right leg up slightly. He held that leg and plunged in deeper. He felt his balls clench together and knew his next explosion was hard at hand. He thrust in deep a few more times and then quickly pulled out, squirting hot cum over her ass over and over again until he was spent quite.
They maintained that posture for some moments until Okuchi stood up and neatened her gown up. She went outside to get a bucket, poured some water she’d fetched that morning and went to take a quick bath. Then came bid Bolade to go shower too and clean up. She made lunch and they both ate quietly, smiling meaningfully at each other.
They spent some part of the afternoon chatting a little more about trivia, mostly, which, at any rate, was delicious to Okuchi’s hearing. Soon the kids returned from school, took off their uniforms and had their baths before she served them lunch and sat down beside their cousin, Bolade.
As the kids were having their lunch, Bolade reached from behind and squeezed her big ass.
“Wetin you dey do?” she whispered to him, pleading with him with her eyes to stop as the kids were around now and yet couldn’t help but giggle when he wouldn’t stop.
She waited for the kids to finish lunch then gave them some money to go buy her roasted corn.
“Don’t buy from mama Saheed o, that woman is too dirty. Buy from the woman in the second street,” she said to the oldest, knowing the woman’s place was the farther from home and that would buy her and Bolade some time to fool around some more.
She hurriedly scampered toward the door to close it after the kids as Bolade went to his room and into a jeans pocket to take out a condom. He came back to the living room to Okuchi, took down his pants and whipped out his monstrous hard stick. He rolled the condom down his cock and walked strutted toward Okuchi. She had on a spaghetti top and tied a short wrapper around her waist well above the knees so that her soft, sumptuous laps were in showy display.
Bolade pinned her to the wall and untied the short wrapper, shifted her panties to the side as she parted her legs for him. She grabbed his hard cock and guided it into her waiting cunt. He shoved in and began moving, gyrating his waist and grinding his meat into her.
“Do fast,” she said, giggling naughtily.
He grabbed one of her legs and raised it up in order to push in
deeper. He started to slam against her pussy faster and urgently so that she reached behind trying to grab onto something for balance. He pushed in deeper yet, probing her up to the gut as she moaned aloud.
“Aaahhh… Mmm… Yesss… Ooohhh… Fuck me like that!” She moaned.
She threw her head back in pure bliss now, loving the assault his shaft to her insides until a sudden knock came on the door made her gasp in horror. They froze on the spot as the knocking continued, and soon they heard footsteps going away. As soon as whoever it was left, Bolade resumed ramming into her hard and she covered her mouth with her hand now to muffle her moans as he banged her.
He thrust in even harder of a sudden, seeming ti hit her cervix and making her feel something snap inside of her as she grabbed onto him and came really hard around him. He kept grinding in and soon climaxed too, gripping her waist.
They disengaged from each other and both rushed to the bathroom to clean up before the kids would return from their errand.


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