Nonso And Anjola (Part 1)

I squeezed her threateningly, seizing her mouth with a bullying kiss, as I lapped up the softness of her flesh with my long tongue. She exhaled soft moans. I felt a present shiver jig me in the veins and a raging passion inflate my cock larger than before. I pressed my hardness against the soft cheeks of her ass.
Lying behind her drove still my desires wildly raging in spite of the many years of marriage we had spent together. She had my heart since the first and no other woman could relieve her of it, a treasure that it was or no. Such were her charms on me, tenacious.
“Good morning, husband,” she said in the sweetest voice that ever graced man’s hearing, wrapping her hand back around my neck.
“Morning, Mrs mine,” I smiled as I leaned in to whisper in her ear, “I’m grown so hard for you just looking at your queenly body from behind.”
“And you have squeezed me quite wet, baby,” she returned, her breath rather slow and calm, and her side boobs robust to the eyes, while her curves shit through the covers. Her nipples were a pair of diamonds, hard, proclaiming her excitement from my activity.
This woman was all charm and had added charm to charm with the progress of the years. Throughout our entire married life, I’d witnessed Anjola turn the heads of men and women alike, old and young, and drunk up the admiration and awe from eyes that beheld her to the health of me.
I trailed my fingers along her satiny flesh until my finger found one precious diamond of the pair. Anjola melted back into me, pressing and grinding her soft fat ass against my rigid cock.
The immediate delicacy of her body whipped me into rapture as I felt my monster attempting to tear through my boxer shorts. I pressed myself hard against her back as my tongue flashed a path from her ear to her jaw, and finally to her warm wet lips.
She turned around and traced her hands along the muscles of my chest as our breathing grew fast and compelled as our tongues tussled in each other’s mouth.
I caught her nether lip between my teeth and I could feel her sweet breath blow against my face in a moan. Pushing myself upright, I whipped the covers aside and outlined a path from her breast to her hip with my big hands. Then I tendered her gently onto her back and parted her knees wide so I could steal access to her clit and rub on it over her thong, noticing the growing dampness of the material.

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