Nonso And Anjola (Part 2)

Anjola fixed her eyes on me as I lowered down to her wonderful tits. The look in her eyes betrayed the ever fresh effect I packed on her. She never hid it, never hid her intense hunger for me. She was so sensitive and sexy as fuck. The things that endeared me to her were without count.
Her boobs were plump in response to me as I swallowed her left nipple, sucking hungrily and flicking my tongue over it aggressively. She fetched her breaths short, gasping, her fingers clawing my back as I slid my hand into her thong.
She was a fountain down there, flowing juices, and I thirsted for her nectar there. I lowered further down her exotic body and seized her ankles, pushing her legs up and taking in the terrifying beauty of her curves.
Her beauty had waxed greater in our years together, her body grown more sophisticated, the delicious plumpness of her boobs, dangerous curviness of her hips and tininess of her waist partly made the sum of her command in pulchritude.
I pulled her thong down amid her thigh and glanced up at her. We locked gazes and she smiled ever so sensuously as she let her knees down closer to her sides, opening her depths to the mercy of my discovery.
Greedily, I raised her legs even higher and kissed her inside of her thighs. I caught a gasp escape from her in a dreadful desire of what was coming as I slowed my slide down, tonguing and dropping subtle kisses along the back of her legs, a slow and calculated torture to thrust a thought of begging into her while she shuddered to a pulp under the power of my tongue.
At length, a wild need to taste from her honeypot seized me and I, in turn, claimed her sweetness with my tongue. As soon as my tongue touched the delicate tip of her clit, she moaned aloud. I stroked her slick folds with my tongue and saw her legs spread wider in response. She moaned continually as her chest rose and fell with irregular breaths. I reached up and rolled her right nipple around my fingertips, teasing it so. I watched her furrow her brows as I invaded her wetness with one finger, claiming her for my own, and then two fingers, to make assurance double sure. I could see Anjola part her lips and her flesh overlaid with a pink flush in mere celebration of bliss.
I yanked off her light thong like a reckless predator, and as soon as her thong dropped to the floor, she spread her legs wide, both quivering with anticipation. I fell to work on her pussy the very instant and she moaned out something as though in protest of my roughness. She grabbed the back of my head and forced my tongue deep inside her until my mouth was awash with her juices.
I moved my hand down and stroked my cock, now pretty slick with precum. As though smelling my need, Anjola sat right up on the bed and had me on my back on the bed.
My hard cock lay like a huge log heavy and thick against my belly, aching for my wife’s maternal attention. She knew me more than any other breather of this planet.
She took the base of my cock with her dainty hand and her fingers were a sight wrapped around my thick proof of desire. She turned the eyes up at me with parted lips and a silly smirk across her face. Then she took one long lick of the crown, curling round and round it with her tongue.

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