Our Buxom Maid (Part 1)

It still isn’t clear to me quite what my mother was thinking at the time she hired Joy to be our maid, but I knew just what mine and my dad’s mind the moment when we laid eyes on her. It baffled me profoundly my mother could hire such nymphet for a maid without having the slightest thought of the trouble she could be stirring.
Joy, buxom to the letter, with perfect curves in all the right places, could make a eunuch regain an erection. She bore this sweet baby face that appeared all too innocent and a glorious smile that struck me down almost to paralysis. I had only turned twenty-one at the time and Joy, for the look of her, must have been about my age bracket.
Ironically, I strongly felt she was way out of my league, although my own mom had employed her to be our maid. I would watch with blazing envy how my dad fooled around with her around the house as soon as my mom had left the house. How he looked at her when she bent over to dust the table or how he would touch her flirtatiously every time he passed by her.
Envy was growing to full-fledged hate when he started having her join him in the pool in the hot afternoons. Sure enough, I would be there too, to feed myself an eyeful of her full breasts from under my shade. But dad did not stop there. He would childishly toss a softball to her and then chase her shamelessly around the water pretending to want to get to get it back, grabbing her in the process and pressing himself against her. I could swear he pressed his cock against her big ass all the while.
The University I went wasn’t that far from home and so I went from home to lectures every day. When lectured for the day were done, I returned home. One day I was done with lectures rather early, and returning home, had seen my father’s car parked in the driveway, which wore odd with me because he was supposed to be at work at that time; but then I made nothing of it and discarded the thought offhandedly until I looked through the glass door to our yard to find Joy lying on her back on a deck chair by the pool erotically in her bikini shorts.
Father was kneeling right next to her to the one hand, necking with her so intensely, both of them full careless of their environment, not suspecting a mouse to stir. Well, that was the better for my viewing. I could see his hand stray underneath her smooth fabric, and her moving her hips in slow sexy circular movements in response to my father’s mischievous hand.
As I skulked toward the door and quietly opened it, I could catch soft moans escaping from Joy. My father pulled his head back a little, just to watch his fingers slipping in and out of her. She arched her back, thrusting her buxom chest upward and sighed aloud as he began stroking her clit with his wicked thumb. After being at this for a while, he slid her short to the side, revealing her cleanly shaven slit. He pushed two fingers all the way into her cunt and started pumping her hard with his hand.
He looked at her face as she writhed on the chair, heaving her hips up and down, her head thrown back, crying loudly and grabbing for his hand in a futile attempt to escape the pressure. Then, my father with his free hand pinned her hands above her head and pumped her even more ruthlessly, as she spread her thighs wider open for him involuntarily.
Then her body, crumbling under the yoke of ecstasy, gave as she let out an ear-splitting cry and came squirting powerfully on his hand. Then dad slowed down his handwork and interlocked her lips with his, muffling her orgasmic cries. And this was when I knew I would do anything for my own pound of flesh of some Joy.
With a rash audacious move, whose courage how I got I know not till this day, I walked out to the open where the action was and faced the two lovers fearlessly. My dad was startled to the ground while our maid goggled at me with her lovely brown eyes in equal surprise as she pulled her bikini shorts straight to cover just her slit back.


To be continued…



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