Our Weird Game (Part 2)

Amarachi reached out and took off his sunglasses at length. Eyes met eyes, and the smile my wife gave him struck me again with a fit of mad jealousy… as well as naked lust. She fancied him, no doubt. Perhaps she’d imagined being with him, spending quality time with him, doing more than just fuck him; these things my insecurities started suggesting to me quietly.
As my fears mixed with excitement within me enlarged and grew wild, I saw Demilade pull my wife’s blouse off and took her nipple in his mouth. She gasped, placing a hand on his broad shoulder. They necked some more before he pushed her gently back, parted her legs wide open, and went to work with his mouth on her sweet pussy.
From on high, I enjoyed a perfect view of the spectacle—my wife spread out, all flesh and exotic as another man buried his head between her legs and ate away. “Oh yesss… yesss,” she made sharp moans. Her hands found her tits, squeezed them hard and fondled her nipples, then strayed down her flat tummy onto his hair, fingering and stroking him there lovingly.
They worked together so perfectly one would have thought for a quick moment they were making porn. As appearing a little exhausted from all the intensity, Demilade fell back to his side the couch; my wife pursued, kissing after him, groping him through his shorts. “Oooh very nice what you got in there, baby,” she breathed in between kisses. “Is all that for me?”
“You’re pretty naughty, you,” he giggled, nearly at blushing.
“How so? Because I crave to suck your heavenly loaf of meat?”
He groaned. “Partly so…”
She slithered on all fours over the couch, peeling his shorts off, and unleashing his wild cock, her eyes not sparing half a moment to disengage from his. “Or you think me naughty because I’m someone else’s wife, not yours?”
I chuckled, seeing as that was meant for me, of course, a nasty taunt. I chuckled and contorted the face both at a time, marking the fun thrown in there and pained with old-biting jealousy yet. I saw Demilade almost fall in a fit when my wife dipped down the head and took his huge junk into her mouth. In no time at all, I saw him throw his head back, lost in the amazing warmth of her wet mouth.
Observing my wife necking with another man stung me so deep into my soul. She was a passionate lover, therefore a certain intensity went into every stage of the sexual interaction she was having with anyone; her kiss, particularly—lips interlocked firmly together, eyes shut, the caressing every part of her partner’s body, and holding of his head to her face when she proved the depths of his mouth with her tongue. It was all too much to watch, extremely arousing, but yet a torment of a spectacle.
Observing how well she sucked another man’s cock was quite another tango altogether. Oh did Amarachi know how to suck some dick! She was the dirtiest at it, and consequentially the best. You know what they say: the nastier the better! There was quite some delicate art to her technique that drove a man wild when she wrapped her mouth around him, the way she drenched it with her mouth-juice, the erotic way she bobbed her head on the dick, the way she stroked it as she went. I could practically feel my cock being sucked by her as I watched her in her element, feeling
her milk me thoroughly within her mouth’s embrace until I couldn’t hold back my squirt anymore.
“Know the best thing about eating dick?” she asked, smiling devilishly and stroking him, staring up at him as he grew weak in the knees and had them almost knocking each other.
“It has a submissive outside, yet accrues all the power inside; yielding, yet most powerful.”
Amarachi and I had had this talk once, and she was merely quoting me verbatim, applying my very words a tool to tilt the lengthened arousal of this other man at the head. I smelled Demilade out disoriented, my wife proving more than a handful for him. He didn’t quite know how best he was to handle this hot but powerful woman; all he could grant at the time was his growing need for her by the moment, regaling himself to her mouth’s squeeze and words.
At some good length, Amarachi paused giving him head and blurted out, “Time to fuck, baby!”
I had said kissing was particularly intense when my wife participated it, and sucking cock was another tango altogether, but the actual fucking another man authorized a present tremor throughout the earth of my globular soul. They went necking again as she peeled off his shirt, and I could notice myself being wound up ever tighter and tighter. I observed, barely blinking at all, keeping tabs on every single moment, that no one slips by. I could never miss a moment of this for the world.
Then my wife climbed onto his lap and straddled him, facing away, so that her big ass was all for the consumption of his view. Facing up, facing me, every moment that passed by set down the inventory of all its content before me till I was satisfied. I could view his meat slide along her pretty pussy— the same pussy meant for me alone.
I watched Demilade place his hands both sides of my wife’s hips to steady her, positioning her properly for his upward thrust. She whipped her long hair back, a deep moan escaping her lips as the large head of his cock pressed against her meaty love-folds. I groaned in spirit involuntarily as the young man slid up inside her.
Her delirious cry, most like a wolf’s baying the moon, high and shaky up to the heavens, seemed to set my whole world alit. In time, he broke her tight pussy in as got used to him, battering her gut and taking her in his command.
A little while elapsed and my wife began to bounce on his lap, her big ass slapping against his thighs while she was biting her lower lip, rocking her body back along his. I looked down from up high, aroused and envious to no end watching my wife slutting it away under the reprimand of another man’s cock.
And then, in one bright moment from this murky affair of ours, Amarachi opened her eyes, looked up straight at me and smiled, saying “thank you” without breathing a sound so that the man could not catch a whiff of communication gone on between us two.



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