Bad Breath Killer (BBK)

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BBK Aka Bad Breath Killer For Bad Breath & Mouth Odour 😷

BBK also known as Bad Breath Killer is a miraculous product of Detoxify Now a subsidiary company of @SurukaNaturesGift It has antimicrobial properties and has a very pleasant aroma. It is a 100% organic and natural product and a great ally to combat bad breath naturally and almost immediately at any time of the day. The striking flavour of BBK, which is very similar to the liquorice but with a touch of anise, can be used to freshen the breath, as an infusion of even chewed like gums.

How To Use Bad Breath Killer (BBK) For Mouth Odour 🤧😷
After buying a set of BBK, take a spoonful after each meal and put it in your mouth. Then chew it slowly for a few minutes as if you are chewing gums, and note the saliva you are creating. Then spit it out and feel how your breath has significantly improved.
If you have eaten too much food containing onion, garlic, ginger, curry, or any other strong-smelling food. Then you will have to combine BBK with HPS for a better and effective.



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