Professor Esiri (Part 2)

Quickly in the act, the professor annexed securely to my soul, effecting a deeper connection than I ever could describe. Every inch of my body quaked with an urgency, every little piece of me yearning for his attention and he responded quite, filling out each gaping need and touching me just where I needed every single time. He had a kind of finesse about these things and knew his game well.
He pulled me up close to him, and I knew it was time for the main action. Time to encounter that destructive monster of his that lurked behind his pants all this time. It roared in his pants so loudly and scarily, and now I wondered the havoc it might wreak let out at full strength. My knees took a fever and shook now uncontrollably as I waited for the unleashing of his ferocious monster. I looked down for a quick glimpse of the magical spectacle and then allowed him to enter my desperate pussy in the roughest manner imaginable, my eyes involuntarily closing as he invaded me and crying out strange things I myself couldn’t make out, with my legs spread out wide up in the air.
He squeezed the head of his cock up against my wetness and then jerked himself up against me all of a sudden, shoving his meat inside my pussy so ruthlessly that I thought I had split into two. His cock was rather humongous, thick and hard, and boy! did he feel so incredible inside me. I could have had him stay inside me for then and always, not once pulling out.
This was far more than sex, it was two fiery passions consuming each other, the kind of consummation that sucks up the air all around so that the lives of the room lose their breath at near-death rapture.
As his body with mine entwined, I literally felt my head spinning and seemed to be treading barefoot on vaporous clouds. The whole wide world besides appeared to my mind to have dissolved into nothingness as long as his cock filled my pussy out, rushing in and out of me and taking absolute command of my soul.
My cunt was so wet that soon my professor was pounding me so freely and deeply, probing each crevice out with ease. He plunged so deep inside my depths that I choked in the throat and couldn’t utter a word for a great while. I even struggled to breathe while he went on rubbling my walls to dust.
I thirsted to taste him so I pushed him off back, made him lean back on his knees on the floor while I got on my knees also, bent over and managed to mouth half his humongous cock, sucking off my juices from his meat and replacing them with my mouth-juice, drenching his shaft as I twirled my tongue all around it nastily.
A quick look at his illuminated face made apparent his pleasure, his head thrown back and mouth opened a crack as he stroke his dick with my hands and lips. It was quite a piece of work and filled my mouth completely with some more left out as I sucked on it. Surprisingly, it damn well did feel nearly as good in my mouth as it did in my pussy and I rejoiced in the fact that we weren’t just about done and it was a matter of seconds before he was between my legs again.
After a time, he pushed me off from his cock and lay flat with his back on the ground, then he had me sit on his face so that he took my dripping pussy from beneath in his mouth, drinking me up. In no time at all, while he did magic with his tongue, I began the power of waves surging through me from the action of his mouth and I knew I was close to a cumstorm. The prof was worked hard at pushing me to the brink and I could feel a climax swell inside of me, few inches from explosion. I stroked my clit as he was licked me for maximum delight but finally, it was his tongue that tossed me overboard, forcing my orgasm out of me all over his face, making it one messy deluge of love-juices.
I felt my every sinew tauten as he gently moved me above his dick, my pussy still dripping with leftover cum. I lowered myself cautiously on his massive junk and felt the rage of pleasure gut every inch of my soul worse than before, my pussy still tight from orgasming and throbbing as the professor filled me out again.
He held my waist gently as he drove his stick up right into me and out, working up his own climax. His fine movements began to grow note urgent and in the still of the room, I almost could hear his heart’s drumming as he fucked me, my wet pussy at last conducting him close to his own climax.
I wrapped my pussy tightly around him in a bid to feel every bit of
his cock, his hips slapping up against my ass cheeks violently. His climax was earth-shattering, and I could hear the prof howl deliriously as his seed shot through his cock and hit up inside my stomach.
There, in all honesty, was no telling if there was gonna be a repeat of this mind-blowing encounter or if this was just an isolated experience, never again to be enjoyed. A blur of a moment saw me overwhelmed with worry that indeed the case might be the latter, which would break my heart to pieces. I did not know how I would come if I wasn’t to have my professor one more time, seeing him and not being able to touch him ever again.
But my worries seemed to ebb out as soon as the professor stroked my skin and pulled me to lean over close to him, pressing me against himself and kissing round in the face. He wrapped his arms around me and fanned the side of my neck with his hot breath.
He then left sweet drops of a kiss on my nape, so tender and sweet, and for the larger part, reassuring.
I hadn’t cause for worry, a repeat of this experience was sure following close at heel.


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