Tasha (Part 1)

I found my body, like a sacrifice offered up against its will, suddenly at the mercy of a horniness that was consuming it rapaciously. The more it was being eaten up, the hungrier it became. “Perchance I am every lusty man’s dreamt-of welcome home offering right now,” I thought to myself in a naughty giggle.
My hormones were running rogue and it seemed I would run mad before they were reined back in and tamed. And yet the sensations that tore through my nerves leaned as much toward delight as toward torment, so that I was enjoying and suffering a tormenting pleasure, a pleasuring torment. I couldn’t care less at the time what Kyle was doing when I should lay eyes on him, needless how much of moment or how trifling, I determined to myself. I wanted that humongous cock of his deep inside me splitting me into two and nothing else for all the wide world.
Home at last, I sighed, “Whew! What a day I’d had!” I was hot from the day’s heat, but something else made me even hotter.
The door was left carelessly ajar as I breezed in only to find a half-naked muscularly built body reclined on th couch in front of the large loud-sounding screen.
No need be told, Saturday sports on TV was all it for my man in the weekends but I was here to acquaint him with other desires such as I brewed in mind.
Without looking up to greet me, Kyle hinted his pleasure of of me being back home while being rapt by his TV show. I had tried to drag him into petty conversation about what a day I’d had with my girls and all that jazz, but he wasn’t falling for it.
He had not the slightest inkling what he had coming, nor how far deep in the mood I was for his shaft and what I intended to do with it.
All my road’s journey home had been solely stuffed out with thoughts of us getting down.
Dropping my handbag and grocery bag on the floor, I leaned up against the wall just ogling down Kyle’s body to his tight pants. Goodness me! What a powerful urge I felt surge through me to clench my thick thighs together and milk that liquid delight through my cunt.
It was mighty enough a surge to push my body to probe more delight and so I felt my fingers involuntarily begin to pry the inside my blouse. There was no quenching the fire burning within me now as those fingers unbuttoned my blouse wide to expose the sexy red silk bra I had beneath.
I slid in through my bra yet to find my right titty, fondling my already hard nipple roughly with my fingers, before slipping it out of its silken restraint. Breathing the open air and feeling a certain coolness on my nipple, I thought I did hear my breast thank me, so I brought out her twin too for more thanks. My tight elastic skirt was hiked up high from the first the I leaned against the wall and rubbed my back up and down against it, giving my legs leave to spread themselves wide open as I slid further down the wall, as though in a bid to show my panties. By this time, I and snatched total control of Kyle’s attention as I felt his eyes fast upon me, forgoing the screen to take in the new vision I was serving him.
“Ah Tasha, what is this you are at?” I heard him mutter from a full chest.

To be continued…


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