The Patient’s Parting Dose

Imade was a nice nurse and well-loved by the patients she took care of, but then had a secret quirk of a liking. You see, she was a thorough nymphomaniac 25-year-old young woman. Although there wasn’t an adulteration in her kindness toward her patients, she yet bore a hidden bias to all her male patients and paid special attention to them, especially those ones with really huge cocks.
She would winnow the “small” men from the “big” me by figuring out which was which when she gave them sponge baths or made her rounds on them and as soon as she was sure they were recuperating and were strong enough, Nurse Imade would pounce on their meat.
One cold morning, the doctor on shift asked her to check up on a man who had been admitted just the night before. He was brought in for serious malaria and was very weak. Imade got to him and did the expected checkup but something kept being distracted her as she went about her work on him. As she got about to check his blood pressure and temperature, she noticed a rather monstrous bulge rearing from the inside of his pants. She gasped as she caught the first glimpse of it. Then slowly began licking her lips in lust.
Nurse Imade couldn’t be certain whether it was that her patient was reacting to her soft feminine touches on his body or simply the usual morning boner men experience in mornings but she gave no hoots about that. For what it was worth, she had marked her next prey.
She spent the next couple of days getting around him and finding out all she could about him by being friendlier than was usual. He told her he was Malik and that he had been married some two years. He taught a well-known secondary school in town and talked so lovingly and affectionately about his students and the endless tricks they had up their sleeves. He talked her about how the children competed against one another for his attention and even how the female students mentioned to him constantly how they wished to marry him when they were frown enough. He made Imade laugh to no end with his conversation and they grew to like each other more and more with conversation. His sparkling personality, however, only worsened Imade’s lust for him but-but he was not making her have it easy with making the first move, the way he related with her as though he could not smell the first whiff of sexual tension she was in for him.
However, in the wee hours of the morning the day Malik was due to be discharged from admission, Nurse Imade snuck into his room, admitting to herself she would die before she let him go without having a taste of him.
“Howdy nurse, rather too early for your morning check, isn’t it?” Malik blurted out in surprise.
“No it’s just fine, sir,” Imade replied as she came beside her patient’s bed. She placed her hands on his stomach. “Does this hurt here?” Malik furrowed the brows in question.
“No,” he returned, a little confused.
Imade smiled mischievously and reached further down until she was rubbing against his groin. Before Malik could utter a word, the naughty nurse started to trace the outline of his junk through the light fabric of his boxer briefs.
“What are you at?” Malik inquired, intrigued and shocked at the same time.
“Taking care of my patient, I like to suppose. It’s in my desk to see that everything is fine with you before you are discharged today.”
As she said this, she pulled down his briefs and grabbed his humongous dick. Before he could pretend to put up a mock protest, she leaned over and took his junk in her mouth and began sucking him away. Malik leaned back, resigning himself to Imade’s incredible work.
“She was a nurse after all,” he thought to himself, “she must only indeed be looking out for her patient,” while the nasty nurse wrapped her mouth around his cock and sucked until his shaft throbbed with a certain violence.
When Imade was sure his feverous excitement was tilting over and almost falling in a seizure, she climbed up the bed and hiked up her uniform. She had snuck in without wearing any panties so there was nothing to shift to the side as she slipped down the length of his cock. She began riding him gently at first break her pussy in with his hugeness while Malik had his eyes closed and mouth opened a crack in sheer delight.
He simply lay back and watched her do her thing. As she began riding him harder, her hand reached down and found her pussy and she started rubbing her clit hard until she shuddered violently and came in Malik’s cock, soaking his junk in her juices.
Malik, somewhere in his mind, was glad of the sickness that had brought him there. He reached down and placed his hands in the inside of her soft thighs, loving how they felt to the touch. She was starting to sweat a little as she rode his cock harder and harder. She exploded in climax two more times before Malik’s loins had become overrun with seed. He dug his fingers deep into her soft flesh as he shot his load up into her pussy.
Nurse Imade clambered down, neatened up quickly and left the room, leaving her patient in a daze as he pulled up his briefs, still fetching short breaths from the sweaty activity.

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