The Stranger In Port Harcourt (Part 1)

I was in Port Harcourt two years ago for a conference. The first night I was in the city, I stumbled across an adult ad with the “Dare to come and eat my pussy, Fortune favors the bold!” caption. It was magical and arrested my attention instantly.
Hours later, I found myself driving across town banging on the door of a complete stranger I had no plans of seeking out just hours back.
The air was awkward as hell, but in small time, I was already necking with her in the corridor. But after some time, I pulled back, trying to wrap my head around all that was happening now. It was unreal yet.
She looked at me, a dirty smirk across her face, and asked what was wrong. I contorted my brows and said, “This just is all surreal, you know.” She smiled back and leaned in to kiss me again, then said, “Yea it might be. But you really are here now, and I with you.”
Her sweet tongue entangled with mine, and I could feel my cock swelling in my jeans as my hands played all over her body.
She noticed my enlarging junk and stroked me through my jeans, then soon unzipped me and slipped her hand inside. Pulling my dick out, I could hear a sharp gasp escape her lips as she stared at it for some moments then pulled me by my cock into the living room and pushed me back on the sofa.
She dropped to her knees in front of me, her long dark hair covering one half her face as she ogled me, brimming over with wet lust, stroked my cock, and then went down to take the head of my cock inside her mouth. Her tongue twirled around the tip, and I threw my head back in absolute gratitude.
I never could forget just how amazing the head this slut gave me was. She sucked me so hard and nastily I was sure I was gonna lose my mind entirely, I had never encountered anyone with such prowess at it.
She also took my full 8 inches without two minds, and paused often with me deep at the back of her throat, stuck out her long tongue, and fondled my balls playfully. She was it! The greatest as yet!
We took a little breather and poured the wine I had brought over for tasting together. Then I remembered what the ad had read, and after another sip from my cup, I pointed deliberately that her it was my turn to do her down there.
I kissed her in the neck gently, opened her robe and dropped kisses down to her plump boobs. Her nipples were rather really pointy and dark as I flicked my tongue over them one after the other, and I could hear her make weak moans as I went.


To be continued…


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