The Stranger In Port Harcourt (Part 2)

I settled to work between her thighs, stroking her cleanly shaved pussy while I tongued her there. I kept some distance from her clit for as long as I could, teasing the living sanity out of her with long deliberate licks, then slipping two fingers inside her, and making her writhe for release.
At length, I answered her silent prayers and started flicking my tongue ruthlessly across her clit, feeling her belly tighten with nearing climax.
Without warning, I grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands, pulled her close against my mouth, and sucked her clit into my mouth with such force, still harassing it with my tip of tongue. But as soon as I caught her at last gasp, I sucked even harder, and she exploded, drenching my whole face with her juices so that my beard was dripping with her sweetness.
My cock must have been at breaking point at this time, precum oozing from the tip already and making a small mess of my boxer shorts. I peeled off my clothes with the swiftness of thought, flipped her sideways on the couch, and buried my shaft inside her pussy with one long deep thrust. That, I saw, occasioned yet another climax for her, and I rode on it as her pussy wrapped me tightly round, aiming to milk me of all that I had within me as it rippled along my length, and by extension, my whole body.
Then this luscious stranger wrapped her arms and legs tightly around me, whispering in my ear erotically to fuck her harder and teasing it with her tip of tongue. I executed her command with alacrity, knowing from experience it wasn’t meant to last but was so ready to stuff her out with my seed.
Just minutes afterward, she was face-down on the couch, her ass cheeks up in the air, while I pounded deep powerful thrusts into her from behind, my hips slapping against her sexy, curvy butt cheeks with every thrust inside her dripping depths.
Feeling my waters swelling to a head, I lay full length over her body and thrust her deeply with all the strength left in me, kissing the side of her neck as I froze and began to shudder violently, my back arching to hit the bottom of her depths with sure aim, and jets and jets of cum shooting up her belly, cascading down her walls in the flood. My heart thumped as I lay on top of her, relishing the sweet heat that generated from our bodies’ contact as my loaf of meat recoiled and we broke off.
It was not an hour later when she was stroking my cock in the shower while I sucked on her nipples and played around her butthole with my lathery fingers. We found ourselves at last on the bathmat, fucking like minks. I squirted deep inside her fuckhole and afterward made her body my playground for about another half of an hour while she flicked her bean. This weird stranger I was with pointed that she had a fetish for creampies, and squishing my seed around got her off more than
anything else I could have imagined.
Just a crack away from dawn, I traced my way back between her thighs, pounding away again. I touched her butthole with the tip of my dick at some point, knocking for entry therein, but it wasn’t quite her thing, so I contented myself to her sweet tight snatch.
For the last time, and having saved the best, I exploded inside her more powerfully than in all the times I had in her since the previous day we got to fucking, and then I lay back as she wiped every drop of pussy juice and cum off me with her tongue so nastily. She was a pro slut!
I was groggy all through the conference the next day but then had a dirty smirk across my face in my disoriented state. I still am one vast proportion of smile every time I think about my sweaty time with her and harbor no regrets whatsoever about that mind-blowing experience to this day.



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