The Sumptuous Delight From Abuja

One Wednesday evening, my wife, Adesuwa, had put it in my notice that after we’ve had supper that she was inviting her bosom friend over for that weekend if it was okay with me. Oluchi was a media consultant living in Abuja. For all I knew, she was hardly ever in the country. She travelled so often.
“She’d be coming to Lagos for business, I figured she could stay over at our place for the putative time rather than lose good wads for hotel lodgings. If that would be fine with you, I’ll just let her know.” I told her it was thoughtful of her to let me know first and to want to save her friend from huge expenses. So, of course, I was fine with it. She could have her friend come through. Her face glowed at the mere prospect of having her friend around and I would have felt worse than the devil himself to have stymied her bounding hopes.
I returned home from work Friday evening and heard girlish giggles bubbling the air of the living room before I opened the door. I smiled involuntarily as I proceeded in, happy my wife was getting what so badly she wanted.
Adesuwa sprang up from her seat as soon as I got in and gamboled on over to say me welcome while taking my briefcase.
I dropped her a quick kiss across the cheek and looked behind her to see her friend, Oluchi, who’d stood up now to greet me too. I almost gasped immediately I set eyes on her. I hadn’t had the opportunity to meet her all this time although my wife always gushed about her and could never stop. But right now I laid eyes on her, the banging body I beheld was nearly impossible to look away from. Her very ample breasts poking out of a tight blouse she wore, ridiculously curvy hips protruding through her miniskirt, her oh so hot legs, her pretty dentition when she smiled to say hello, her sexy dimples, and Good Lord, the whole physiognomy, all in an instant blew me away.
I cleared throat as she came to stand before me to do courtesy. “It is really nice to meet you,” I smiled as I shook her soft hand. She returned my smile and I felt my heart begin to pound. I couldn’t exactly make out at the time whether it was it just me or she really held on to my hand just a second longer before letting go. Perhaps it was just my mind playing tricks on me after all.
Next day, which was a Saturday, I decided to be the gracious host and take both ladies out to a fancy restaurant about town for lunch. Honest to my soul, I aimed something rather ulterior with this. The suspicion from the previous evening that Oluchi might’ve taken a shine to me as well hadn’t ebbed out, and though it seemed crazy she should have, I was more than willing to find out for sure. Taking both the women out for lunch had too little to do with charity, but more with seducing; seducing Oluchi, of course.
Soon afterward, my suspicions were to be made sure, for whenever Adesuwa gave us the room, say, to serve in our meal or to clear up the table, Oluchi would find a quick cause or the other to touch me on my arm or shoulder and even at some point passed nice comments on my physique, again, when my wife wasn’t in the room. I struggled to smile and take out my dirty thoughts but they were hard to ignore. So difficult was it for me to shun this lovely distraction that Oluchi was wreaking in my home just at present that I wasted all night fantasizing about banging her pussy silly.
Anyway, we reached the restaurant and sat all three in a booth. Both ladies were facing me across the table as we chatted.
At some point, in isolated conversation, Adesuwa asked her friend how her love life was doing and Oluchi would reply, “relationships have been nasty business, girl, I’ll tell you that. You are the lucky one. You managed to snag one of the very thinly placed hot, sensible and rich men in the country just in time.” She giggled as she made the remark and
turned her eyes toward me, dashing me a very meaningful eye in a rather surreptitious manner that I was sure Adesuwa couldn’t have smelled a thing.
Not sure I knew the meaning in the eye she gave me, Oluchi used her foot to touch mine underneath the table and then dragged it up my leg teasingly, pulling the
cuffs of my pants and playing footsie with me now so hard. I shifted nervously on my seat, my shaft starting to swell and push against my pants and my mind running over instantly with dirty thoughts of Oluchi and me together.
At any rate, we had such a great lunch. We drove back home a couple hours later. In a short time afterward, I cooked up an excuse to leave the house and I did leave. It was damn near incriminating being near Oluchi and my wife while playing host to all the filthy fantasies that eroded my brain. I spent a boisterous evening with my boys and returned home later at night.
I figured Oluchi must have gone to bed because I met the house a little too quiet. I went straight to the bedroom and lay beside my wife who was asleep now. Some twenty-five or thirty minutes later, I heard my phone ding. I picked it to see a message from Oluchi. “Meet me in the living room, will ya?,” the message read.
It did not for a second tug at my consciousness how Oluchi had come at my number because I was sure I hadn’t exchanged numbers with her. I sprang up eagerly, cursing myself if I lost this chance to fuck her. I disappeared out of my clothes in a moment and got into my boxer shorts, then skulked to the living room, careful now not to rouse my wife.
Oluchi was standing so seductively just near the couch in wait for me. She had on a short red satin nightie and her plump titties stared hard through the fabric.
She uttered no word as I made toward her, no shirt on and half-deranged from horniness. She wrapped her hands lovingly around my neck and I grabbed her waist. I lowered my head and we were soon necking deeply. Her lips and tongue tasted so good. My wild cock had begun to clamour release from its silken restraint and I could empathize with its struggle.
Oluchi seemed to intuit the trouble too as she soon turned around, bent over, and rested her palms on the
seat of the couch. I raised her dress to see that she had absolutely nothing on underneath. Pulling down my boxer briefs down to the knees, I released the giant monster and launched it into her fuckhole.
I leaned forward to steal the feel of her buxom breasts in the palm of my hands as I slid gently in and out of her. She backed up her ass against my groin, seeking more of my inches and moaning quietly as my cock found new depths inside of her. I found her diamond-hard nipples and began pinching lightly. I could hear her breaths roll forth more ponderously and sounded louder as she brought a hand down to her pussy, stroking her clit as I fucked her slow from behind.
Oluchi began grunting now as she struggled painfully to muffle her own sounds. I soon found out the cause why she grunted so as her legs began to shudder hard and she squirted hard around my dick. I grabbed her by the hips and plunged deeper into her pussy. She tightened her walls around me as I increased the tempo of my thrusts until I felt the familiar clenching of my balls and soon exploded deep inside her belly.
Come the next day which was a Sunday afternoon, my wife and I got Oluch to the airport. As soon as we got back home, I saw she’d left me a WhatsApp message reading an address and a message, “Do kindly visit with me whenever you come to Abuja, will ya?”
Suddenly I had a business in mind I could pursue to Abuja and I was soon going to discuss it with Adesuwa. I had just the perfect plan. I had hit it!


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