Vanessa’s Dream (Part 1)

Vanessa floated back and forth in the musty shade between sleep and the lack of it. She was wont to traverse her far-flung fantasies in this unsure state, often finding herself damp in the panties when she finally arose to clear consciousness.
This particular cool morning’s dream had barely begun when she was uncouthly roused from sleep by her older brother and flatmate, Obiora, who was banging on the front door impatiently. She was still sadly put to it for how she had ever decided to move in with him and had begun telling the time until she could move out and get a place of her own.
In the interval, she enjoyed watching his attractive male friends come and go and it was one of this lot who had been the show-runner of this morning’s sexy dream.
This buddy of Obiora’s in question had passed the night on the couch after the two of them had been out drinking till very late at night.
Samad was hands down the most amiable of her Obiora’s friends and she had found herself flirting with him every now and then for a couple months now, partly probably because he was rather mouth-dripping handsome and partly probably just to touch Obiora down to his last nerve.
Vanessa let her thought roam back to the dream she had had previously and the images of his semi-naked body abused her mind afresh as her fingers gently strayed down her body and began softly to stroke the damp love-folds between her thighs. She conjured up images of him undressing, expressing forth parts of him merely to diet her imagination richly.
Two of her fingers slid between the folds and she pictured his thick muscular thighs with his skinny jeans pulled down, leaving him fully peeled off to the view. She shut her eyes, trying to recapture the dream whose sting of beauty was still quite great upon her, but then gave that vain experiment over and let her imagination freely call the shots as her hands dished out the physical pleasure to her body’s aching needs.
Vanessa cupped one of her boobs, squeezing her hard nipple between two fingers, having a powerful electricity shatter through her as though it’d been wired directly to her pussy, causing vibrations all over and throbbing her brain violently.
Her shivering thighs clamped around her other hand for a brief moment, involuntarily responding to the bliss ravaging her body whole. Her fingers moved with a mind of their own, after their own will, their rehearsed movements preserving the early flush of arousal effortlessly and mounting a tower of pleasure on it, parting her nether lips and flirting sometimes toward her clit. They slowly moved consciously, trailing lazy circles around it, mindful they did not press toward so hard so soon lest Vanessa buckled to her aching needs and forgot the fantasy sustaining them.


To be continued…


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