Vanessa’s Dream (Part 2)

In the crannies of her mind, she could see herself kneel before his sexy body, picturing his perfect tone and gorgeously erect cock. Immersing herself in every bit of the detail, she beheld cleanly shaven balls that thirsted for the cup of her hand and to be licked and flicked over with her wet tongue.
Her lips parted half in awe and the other in readiness to take him deep into the back of her throat while her playful fingers gamboled southward and found her clit, then stroked it gently as she licked along the fat intimidating length of his junk while gazing up at him to catch the bliss unfurl in his pretty face.
Her light complexion seemed to flush a rosy pink as the excitement mounted up in her considerably, her arousal showing head well in advance of the steamy action playing in her head. Her imagination leaped forward to catch her body as she saw herself lifted in his strong arms, her legs spread wide across his arms, and felt his cock pressing the head against the door of her pussy.
Every single movement nudged her nearer orgasming and she let out a funny cry as the first ripple ruptured her senses, breaking through, making her hands clench, fingernails pressing hard against her the palms of her hand, and that by itself again making a second powerful wave of ecstasy rip through her as she let out another sharp cry.
Gradually Vanessa returned to reality, her heart slowing back to normalcy and her sensibility of the immediate air dethroning the supreme fantasy of her steamy dreaming yet again.
Carelessly tossing the covers back, Vanessa paused on the edge of the bed, inclining the ear to the silence that filtered into the flat apartment, checking about her to see she alone had the room.
Resting sure that Obiora and his friend, Samad, had left the house earlier, she padded across the hallway wearing nothing but the stale scent of the perfume from the day before, leaving the doors to her bedroom and the bathroom open so that the music still twirled out with the air audibly and then turned the shower on.
Samad lay quiet and still on the couch. The reckless carousal from last night had left him rather woozy in the head and he had aggressively fought off all earlier attempts at being roused. He had been to be at soccer practice but there was no way in hell he was making it today so he feigned deep sleep and had Obiora go on without him.
He’d reckoned he’d have the whole space to himself in the interim and simply leave before his friend returned. But plans had quickly switched from what they were to other things as soon as he heard Vanessa’s cries of delight a few moments back and recalled right then that his friend shared a flat with his immediate younger sister, a girl he’d noticed eyeing him for some time now.
Stung by the scruples he could be an intruder, he struggled to ward off the temptation of enjoying hearing her flicking the bean, of the mind she couldn’t be by herself and waited for a perfect time to either make known his presence in the apartment or subtly creep out unperceived so as to
save the lovebirds that were having a go at each other in the next room the blushing embarrassment of a third wheel altogether.
Samad quietly got dressed, pulling on his jeans and throwing his shirt over his back as if in one blur of a movement in sharp readiness to exit the flat. He was just about skulking out when thunderous music cracked through the air pursued by the footfalls of someone moving from the bedroom toward the bathroom. Then it dawned on him presently that he had to pass both rooms to leave, given the layout of the apartment. His heart almost broke.
The sound of running water towered a little above the music and Samad decided it was his best time to leave.
Omitting to put on his shoes so he could not be perceived as he tiptoed by doorward, he could not bear to forgo peeking into the bedroom as he went.
Samad was pretty sure he’d only heard one person enter the bathroom from the sounds of it, so he expected to see someone else in the bedroom, the partner, of course, who the other was with, but found the room empty with but an unmade bed.
Skittish thoughts galloped through his mind. If there’d been but one person in the room all along, then it had had to be Vanessa, and if she was having a shower right now, then he definitely didn’t mind having a look-see. Being a sister to his friend, Obiora, had by default always kept the girl painfully off limits but he had cherished an opportunity to see her in her birthday suit and, this time, he thought, he could always feign still being drunk from last night in case he got caught, for this was too good a chance to miss, one he may never come at again.
He put his shoes on the floor quietly from his hand and stole quietly toward the bathroom. As Samad rounded the corner, he saw Vanessa in the shower. She had her back to him and he was struck riveted to the ground, soaking in the delicious sight.
He found now the girl looked even more tempting in bare flesh than his wild imaginations had delineated and he instantly felt his cock rear the head in excitement.
Samad was well aware of the outrage swelling in his jeans and had had a mind to leave but he just couldn’t move his legs, unable to turn away from the sumptuous delicacy served in by Opportunity to his eyes right now.
The hot water merely intoxicated the senses and helped cumulate to the eruption of her orgasm after which Vanessa felt the tension long building in her abate to a minimum. A wide grin pervaded her face as she stood to relish the hot streams of water raining down on her as the dream reenacted itself in her mind.
Vanessa slowly turned about to let the water flow over her back and froze as she saw Samad standing right there, just as helplessly as she. It was a moment’s life before Vanessa was sure that he was really there and not just some hallucination.
Gathering heart from the dream she’d had of him and her still aroused state, she flashed him a rather enticing smile.
“Mind coming in to help me scrub my back?” She asked, her tone dripping mischief.



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