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  • Aircules Energy Syrup

    Warning: 18+

    Aircules Energy Syrup Enhances Performance In Men. It’s Safe And Natural, Tested And Trusted, Reliable And Super Effective.

    Aircules Energy Syrup Helps The Male Reproductive Organ Stand Fully Erect And Stay Hard. It Also Fights Waist Pains And Relaxes Your Muscles, Makes You Last Longer And Enjoy Your Life.

    Ingredient: 25% Beet Root, 25% Ginseng, 25% Garcina Kola And 25% Maca Root.

    With Just One Sachet Of Aircules Energy Syrup 15-30 Minutes Before Match. You Can Knock Off Your Partner Like A Heavy Weight Champion.

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  • SPE for women

    SPE for women

    SPE is traditionally formulated and famous for its contribution to women’s wholesome health.

    SPE Contains 20% Dates, 20% Honey, 30% Ginkgo, 15% Saffron And 15% Fenugreek.

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  • V-Elixir

    Warning: 18+

    V-Elixir Enhances Sexual Performance In Women. It’s Safe, Natural And Has No Negative Or Harmful Side Effect.

    Ingredient: 25% Honey, 15% Beet Root, 20% Ginseng, 10% Fenugreek, 25% Maca Root And 5% Ethanol.

    Usage: Take One Sachet Of V Elixir 30 Minutes Before Sex.

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  • SPB For Men

    SPB For Men

    SPB is an honey syrup made up of 50% honey, 15% ginseng, 13% lepidium meyenii, 12% bitter leaf and 10% of garcina kola. It is traditionally formulated and has far reaching effects on proper hormone function and long term health for men.

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  • SPO


    S.P.O is strictly for young men between the age of 21-60. Using S.P.O reduces the chances of men experiencing penis shrinkage and having an enlarged prostrate. It also helps keep the male penis very healthy and well sharpened for stamina and sexual performance.

    Ingredients:, Kama, Kusum and Bhoga oil extracts.

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  • SSO


    Super Stretchmark Oil

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  • SASB


    SASBO is meant for women who have saggy breast as a result of child birth, breastfeeding and other factors.

    Ingredients: Fenugreek, Bija, Primrose and Shakra oil extract.

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  • SAO


    SAO is meant to for women who desire to increase their hip and butt size naturally.

    Ingredients: Fenugreek, Bija, Parijat, Shakra and Fish oil extract.

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  • SEO


    SEO is for women who desire to prepare and blow the mind of their partner erotically and stimulate their entire body, mind and soul during love making.

    Ingredients:, Kama, and lavender oil extract.

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  • Penis Enlargement

    Suruka Penis Enlargement is made up of a big combo of different herbs consisting of 5-10 different herbs which has It β€œdos and don’t”, the penis enlargement package does not have any side effect simply because it is 100% made from natural and herbal ingredients which have been proven overtime to be very effective in enlarging manhood. Even after you stop using it, the result remains permanent.

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  • Premature Ejaculation Solutions

    So many people are dying in silent while most are ashamed to share their problems with friends or relatives because these same people will mock them and will eventually spread the news to the world. There are a lot of problems with solutions but because of ignorance and silence, most people die with their problems.

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  • Weak Erection

    Weak Erection can cause stress, affect your self-confidence and contribute to relationship problems. Problems getting or keeping an erection can also be a sign of an underlying health condition that needs treatment and a risk factor for heart disease. So, it’s important to eat healthy foods and get enough exercise to help you stay in good health.

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