7 Things You Probably Never Knew about Sperm Reflux

In recent times, quite an alarming number of women have been complaining about sperm pour, sperm reflux, or better yet, sperm leakage. This leakage usually ranges from a few minutes to a few hours after intercourse. Most TTC couples actually believe it to be the cause of their infertility. Well, here are 7 things you probably never knew about Sperm Reflux.

  1. Leakage of sperm from the vagina is normal and is to be expected when there is enough semen during ejaculation. This leakage is unlikely to prevent you from getting pregnant. In fact, it is totally normal for some of the semen to come out of your vagina after intercourse.
  2.  The fluid coming out of the vagina after your husband’s orgasm is a portion of the ejaculate but less than 5% of the leakage is actually sperm – A huge chunk of it is made up of ordinary seminal fluids.
  3. Sperm reflux / Sperm Pour / Sperm Leakage or whatever we choose to call it, does not exactly cause infertility BUT to some extent, it may decrease the chances of conception in couples.
  4. Although normal, recent studies have shown that Sperm Pour may be caused by a woman’s medical history of pelvic infections. In these women, the immune system is induced to release anti-sperm antibodies within the vagina. The specific purpose of these antibodies is to attack sperm when they enter into the vagina. The antibodies destroy the structure and function of sperms and render them ‘handicapped’ – so to speak.Consequently, these sperms are unable to swim towards the cervix and therefore, they simply pour out.
  5. Also, if a woman’s cervical mucus is too thick, it creates an environment where the sperm has a hard time swimming on its journey through the female reproductive tract. In case you are wondering what cervical mucus is, it is a colorless, odorless and stretchy vaginal fluid which is mostly secreted around the period of ovulation in women. It serves as the medium through which sperm travels to meet the female egg (or ovum) in the fallopian tube for fertilization. We usually recommend Evergreen CM in such cases. Evergreen CM ensures that the woman produces adequate cervical mucus which is not too thick and not too light – thus, creating the most conducive medium needed for movement of sperm within the female and ultimately leading to conception.
  6. If a man has watery or poor sperm quality, Sperm leakage is mostly bound to occur. This is because low-quality sperms have a poor functional capacity and are usually too weak to even swim through the female cervical mucus. They, therefore, simply leak out. Evergreen Formula for Men is a very good supplement to use in this case. The Formula for Men helps to specifically boost the production of good quality sperm in Men.
  7. After ejaculation, sperms immediately begin to move into the cervix and up into the uterus for fertilization in the fallopian tubes. These sperms move into the tubes within minutes after your hubby deposits ejaculate in the vagina. As soon as they move into the cervix and uterus, these sperms are protected from the hostile/acidic vaginal secretions which now begin to destroy many of the other remaining sperms.
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