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Hello, I want to thank you a lot because I almost killed someone. Its really pussy blaster. She had to turn on the fan and direct it to her pussy because I burnt it up. We had sex for close to 2 hours.

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Good Morning, I got the package yesterday and used it, I think I over dossed self cos I took 2 of the cover and I was just super normal. Immediately, I started feeling some unusual sleep, then slept. I was expecting to have a standing ovation but it was just too cool, I could control the urge..very natural indeed. and when I started the show at midnight, it was all fire fire fire. My wife couldn't believe it.

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Good-evening just wanted to thank you for your product. I can't believe that I who usually don't last more than two minutes could fuck a grown-ass lady for hours before I finally came. It was a battle throughout the night. Her "Toto" experience holy ghost fire. I had to order Taxify later, SPB is more than what you advertise on tundeednut. - Anon


Sorry I haven't talked about it for a while, well the first time I thought it just happened like that and then the second time lol, my babe told me I made her pussy swell a little bit. I guess I didn't disappoint her this time  - Anon

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