Relationships are powerful for a lot of reasons—a variety of strong emotions, intimacy, trust, hopes, and dreams. And that’s not even talking about the powerful negative emotions—fear, abandonment, rejection, shame. Yes, relationships are worth the risk. However, we need to be thoughtful and careful because powerful things (love and sex, as well as alcohol, drugs, […]

Sometimes people fall in love not with the person they’re with but with who they hope that person might be one day. Have you ever said any of the following to yourself in your romantic relationships? “I know when [insert event] happens, they will really get it together.” “I see them for their potential.” “I’m […]

From a young age, we’re taught that in a relationship, “safe” is just another word for “boring.” In TV shows and movies, time and time again, we see people being offended when their partner describes them as “safe,” acting like it means they’re settling. But why is “safe” considered a bad thing? With women now […]

Like Barry White once sang: Love ain’t easy. As anyone who has ever been in a long-term relationship knows, it takes time and effort to keep a relationship vibrant, fulfilling, and genuine. While it’s totally normal to fall into rough patches and question your confidence about your partner, you may also come across a realization […]

By now, you’re probably familiar with the idea that it takes effort to keep the spark alive in a long-term relationship. However, this is easier said than done. We’re not always going to be completely happy with our relationship 100% of the time. Sometimes, we find ourselves at an emotional crossroads with our relationship’s future. […]

Things change. Certainly, relationships do, especially with age. Your relationship to your friends from high school have likely shifted massively as your lifestyles, interest, and responsibilities shifted in adulthood. Your relationship to your parents probably shifted massively after you went to college, got your own place, and later perhaps got married. Your relationship to your […]

Nothing brings joy and wonder like being parents and sharing that together—but nothing brings quite as many challenges to your relationship, either. Having kids is a major turning point in your life together, and it’s hard to know exactly how big an impact it will make until you experience it. But maintaining your sex life […]

There’s a lot of stigma surrounding divorce when, in reality, there’s nothing at all shameful about people willing to advocate for themselves and prioritize their authentic happiness. According to a new study published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, the most common reasons people get divorced largely center around a lack of emotional fulfillment. Researchers surveyed […]

There’s a common misconception that talking to kids about sex at a younger age will encourage them to start having sex earlier in life. But new research finds there’s little truth behind this worry and suggests that when it comes to teaching your kids about sex, the younger, the better. In a new study published in the JAMA […]

Orgasms are the cherry on top of great sex: You don’t really need one to make the experience, but they can certainly be a sweet addition when available. In honor of National Orgasm Day, held annually on July 31, let’s talk about orgasms. Here are a few lesser-known scientific facts about them: 1. It’s not […]