Warning, MEN! These foods will kill your erection and cause chronic premature ejaculation

Have you ever been with a woman (your wife or girlfriend) and you cannot get your manhood erect?

or after the few minutes of making loving to her, your manhood just goes numb and refuse to come erect again.

It might be something you ate.

Or are you the type of man that cannot get morning erections when you wake up?

These days, more men suffer from a decreased sex drive and premature ejaculation and the reason is because of the kinds of foods you are eating.

Foods can negatively affect your libido, especially as you age so it’s important to know these types of foods so as to cut them down or out of your diet.

However, other factors also contribute to poor erections such as over-masturbation, smoking, stress, alcohol abuse, using antidepressants etc.

Now let’s talk about the foods that men health experts advise that you should avoid for you to be in top form in the bedroom and improve your sexual performance.

Frankly, years back, little did I know that excess of these foods were poisonous to the body and combined with the toxins that caused my weak erections and quick ejaculation I used to experience whenever I meet my woman, until I used this Natural Supplement to Flush my body system and Now Last 25mins in bed with my wife

Below are the foods that cause weak erection, makes you gain weight and decreases your testerone level, thereafter making you a 30seconds man in bed and not being able to go for more than one round

Sugary Food & Processed Carbohydrates

Eating excess refined carbohydrates and sugary processed food will make a man gain weight and also raise the level of estrogen, and deplete his testerone levels.

Foods that you should avoid eating in excess include pastas, bread, snacks, chips and other fried foods etc.

Instead eat more foods like whole grain: brown rice or ofada rice which is very rich in fiber, oats, vegetables, etc.

Too Much Alcohol

Drinking too much alcohol can cause a decrease in your libido, and also cause much trouble for you in getting erections and premature ejaculation.

Instead of taking alcohol everytime, its better you keep yourself hydrated sometimes by taking these 2 type of water:

1) Pure water – There are 2 things I make sure I do each day that helps my body to be energetic and effective. In the morning I take at least 2 cups of water, and during the day I make sure I drink enough water as I go about my normal activities. This helps you maintain a healthy erection instead of drinking alcohol and locally made concoctions like jedi-jedi and the likes.

2) water from fruits like oranges, grapes, apples, and watermelon

This 2 type of water actually helps you cleanse your body system and keeps you sexually active with much sexual stamina.

Sugary Drinks & Energy Drinks

You and I know quite well that sugar is an enemy of the body. One of the reasons of men not being able to get erections and releasing too fast during sex is because they consume too much sugar.

Most energy drinks, fruit juices, soda drinks etc. that we drink every day contains much sugar. And these drinks actually deplete your testerone levels and makes a man a weakling in bed.

And these Sugar drinks and food is one of the reason I was lasting just 3minutes in bed anytime I made love to my woman until I found this permanent solution that finally cured me.

I’m talking about the Mascum Herbal Pride, a Natural herbal supplement that is NAFDAC approved, and 100percent working to permanently cure your premature ejaculation, low sperm, and weak erection.

Mascum herbal pride contains 50 capsules that help you restore your sexual stamina, improves your libido and helps you last up to 25 minutes during sex.

It has been recommended to over 1,000 Nigerian men that have used it, and they went from being a 30seconds man in bed to lasting over 25minutes with stronger erections.

With mascum herbal pride,

– You No Longer Have to Suffer shame and embarrassments of lasting 30seconds with your woman

– You No Longer Have to Have to suffer weak erections anymore, just use the mascum herbal pride with honey and watery sperm will become a thing of the past

– You No Longer Have to suffer in silence because of your watery sperm

– Get Ready to enjoy more sex from your woman

– And even if you are over 60, and you have been struggling with this problem of quick ejaculation and weak erection, mascum herbal pride will fix it for you

It has no side effect on you, its 100percent natural and herbal supplement. You will start performing like a strong guy in his early twenties.

Another huge problem facing a lot of Nigerian men is small manhood size, that can hardly satisfy their woman in bed.

So, you will also get access to Japanese made enlargement oil that helps you increase your manhood size in 3 weeks without side effects!

It’s safe, has no side effects and 100percent natural. All you have to do is use the mk enlargement oil to massage your manhood and testicles 2 times daily to see the gradual increase in your penis size.

So if you are one of those men that can hardly get erections in the morning, or whenever you are about to make love to your woman, your manhood will not come erect… then I recommend you get the Mascum Herbal Pride and MK enlargement oil

Sadly, I have experienced the feeling of shame and disappointment of having chronic premature ejaculation where you release within 1 to 3 minutes of penetrating your woman.

But it all changed when I found this permanent solution that helped me to satisfy my woman in bed.

Right now, you have the opportunity to put an end to that shameful experience and start performing like a real man in bed. Take advantage of this opportunity now.

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