It was about a quarter to 7 in the evening when I reached Patrick’s house. My whole body was still aching from Onome’s pounding and all my condition yearned for was a cool bath and sound sleep, but there was no declining Patrick. I felt such a great sense of duty to be ever available […]

Nadine was one of my closest of friends. We’d been from secondary school. Anyway, she got married about five months ago and it’s been one problem or another for her with her husband, Bill. Nadine hadn’t tasted sex before marriage and she became the worse for it when she found out on their wedding night […]

Who does not want to be one of the most powerful persons to satisfy the sexual desire of his partner on the bed? Due to lack of performance on the bed, many persons get depressed which in turn leaves a severe impact not only on their physical health but also on their mental health too. […]

The Vagina Demystified If you have ever been worried that having too much sex or a well-endowed partner may cause size changes to your vagina, put those fears to bed (so to speak). Turns out the vagina is a very resilient part of the body that literally “bounces back” to its pre-activity size quite efficiently. […]

I had gone shopping at a mall not five minutes walk from my house where I met Onome. He was sweet and smooth-talking so that I soon caught myself enjoying conversation with him while we shopped. Shopping hadn’t been so much fun in a long time. As we were leaving, he passed me his complimentary […]

All that was screwed to Tinuke’s recollection from the dream she’d had was her being completely naked and her pussy being demolished by a strange deadly sexy man. She was screaming and thrashing under the torture of his huge cock, sweating profusely as the man’s large body canopied hers entirely, while he kissed her as […]

Ikechukwu always knew Lolade, his girlfriend, was as into girls as she was into him. So it came as no surprise when he came over one evening to find her in bed with another chick, except that it irked him a little that she kept this a secret from him and gave him no heads […]

I was on my way to Jayceon’s house that Saturday afternoon when I texted Lolu that it was over between us. It was the one only way I hoped I could call things off with him successfully. I knew going over to tell him face to face would end up in me getting fucked silly […]

Yearly, old students who went to my secondary school would set up a reunion party to catch up with old friends from the same set. Of course, that was the essence principally. I usually wasn’t one for such gatherings but after much hassling from my long-time friends with whom I’d kept in touch since secondary […]

Rico always loved me serving his meals naked. My bare flesh excited him to no end. He would moan underneath his breath with want as I prepare the meals and set the table while plumb naked, would watch me intensely, relishing the spectacle of my cuppy tits and curvy ass. Every now and again, he […]