Month: February 2019

The Passenger

“Where would you go, ma’am?” The cab guy asked as Lolade hopped into the back of his taxi. “Travel Inn, Toyin,” she returned, giving the cab guy a once-over. He was quite young to her taste. She’d waited at the stop in front of her street for nearly thirty minutes trying to find the right …

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Uncle Bolu

I visited aunt Peju’s home again for the weekend after a really long time. We hadn’t laid eyes on each other since I moved out eight months ago. I had not seen her husband in that long too, although we often were in correspondence. Uncle Bolu couldn’t wait for me to come over soon as …

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A Good Morning

I stretched my body soon as I opened my eyes in the morning, Soji lying beside me. He lay on his stomach, snoring lightly. Looking at him immediately reminded me how nasty we’d gotten the night before. We both still were stark naked. We expended ourselves to the last ounce last night we must have …

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