“Where would you go, ma’am?” The cab guy asked as Lolade hopped into the back of his taxi. “Travel Inn, Toyin,” she returned, giving the cab guy a once-over. He was quite young to her taste. She’d waited at the stop in front of her street for nearly thirty minutes trying to find the right […]

ABOUT SURUKA PUSSY BLASTER (SPB) SPB is a natural organic syrup, a mixture of the purest honey, and ground local herbs, designed to enhance the rapid and steady flow of blood to the penis, without which a man’s sexual performance is effectively weak. More critical is the fact that, if this proper and steady flow […]

Ufuoma was thrown in discomfiture when she came back home that night to find her door opened a crack, wondering who might’ve broken in. She was sure she had it under lock before she left. She skulked slowly past her living room and nothing indeed was missing, nor anything conspicuously out of order. Everything was […]

I visited aunt Peju’s home again for the weekend after a really long time. We hadn’t laid eyes on each other since I moved out eight months ago. I had not seen her husband in that long too, although we often were in correspondence. Uncle Bolu couldn’t wait for me to come over soon as […]

No lie be told, I had been treated to unalloyed royalty that night. I crushed one more shot of vodka, enjoying the strip show by a couple of hot strippers. My friends had seen to it all. After a great time at the bar of the hotel, Sikiru entered us into a private show with […]

“Get up!” he ordered, forcing her out of her swoon wherein she’d fallen from Daniel’s dick being repeatedly forced up the back of her throat. She got up and he had her sit across his lap. He started kissing her in the neck, causing shivers all over her from the little bites he accompanied the […]

I stretched my body soon as I opened my eyes in the morning, Soji lying beside me. He lay on his stomach, snoring lightly. Looking at him immediately reminded me how nasty we’d gotten the night before. We both still were stark naked. We expended ourselves to the last ounce last night we must have […]

I turned a little to the side on my bed only to feel someone’s flesh against mine. I felt a man by my side; his muscles against my arm were an easy tell to the fact he was indeed a man. The whole document of the night before in my head was a blank. My […]

Okuchi couldn’t wait for the morning to come as she tossed and turned on the mattress. Sleep kept a great distance from her and whenever it appeared she dozed off, tottering along the limits the of sleep, she was hounded by nightmarish dreams of Mrs. Osayemi discovering her sexcapades and sending her out of the […]

It was Ariana’s boyfriend’s birthday, to which I was initially loath to go, but I hadn’t met the guy since he kicked off a relationship with one of my closest friends about four months to the time, so this was an opportunity to meet, to say nothing of how much Ariana had harried me to […]